Hey Guys,

Today I’m going to tell you guys about my college life and how it was ruined by corona.

So, I’m a second year degree student. When I was done with my higher secondary studies, I had no plan of what should go for. Since I love maths, I decides to take it as my major. Cause I don’t like to stay away from home I joined a college nearby. But it doesn’t work for me because I didn’t like the campus. Then,whatever, I decided to look for another one and finally made my mind to stay in a dorm. So I joined my current college as one of my bestfriends was there.

Everything got ready, I moved to the hostel. I was so sad that time like everyone when they are moved from their home. I cried at night. I really missed my home. I really wanna go back. But I can’t. It was me who want to change college and stay at dorm. So I beared it all. Slowly, I got used to the dorm. As I love to make friends, I got many and was comfortable with my dorm and my college. As our second semester began I really began to enjoy college life. With my bestfriends everything was so good to me. I feel like never going back to home (just kidding, but I liked my college). Everything was going better, until the pandemic broke out. We were informed that we only have leave for two weeks that turned out for ever.

Staying at house I really miss my college. Our golden time as a second year was gone now. Our funny and interesting in person classes was replaced by boring and tiring online classes. Everything was ruined. Even my studies was affected. We only go for college just to write some exam and to do some practicals. I am grateful that we atleast had two weeks of in person classes. We really tried our best to enjoy those days.

I know there are so many like me who miss there campus life. It’s ok. This too shall pass. Let’s be grateful that we are still safe and let’s pray that this situation will be gone soon.


Hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog.

Love you guys so much❤

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