I dedicate this blog to all animal lovers😁

Cats are the only long lasting obssession that I have in my life. I love animals so much, so much that they can make me cry. It seems so funny to everyone that I cried so bad watching the movie ‘Two Brothers’, which is about two tigers. All of my friends and my relatives make fun of me because of that, but they never understand what I felt watching that movie. Oh!! So heart touching…..

If I talk about animals I won’t stop. And if it is about cats I can talk until I die. But I don’t have anyone who listen to me when I talk about cats, because they’re not that md of cats like I am. I can just look at a cat for the rest of my life. Seems nonsense,right? But this is what I am. In my good memory I owned so many cats. I didn’t adopt them from any pet store or else where. They came to my life as it was their wish. Me and my family looked after them like family members. But like they came to my house they left. Leaving me with lots of tears.

It is funny that I have got many scratches from cats and had to take TT two times for that. One of my cats have broken my favourite flower pot which was gifted by my best friend for christmas. They have stole my food. Took my place. But anyways, my love for them won’t go. Whatever they do I still love them by all of my heart.

All the cats that I have uploaded here are few of many I owned. May be they will just leave the house like adult or they will pass away breaking our heart.

This orange one christened Brownie, I can’t say he is mine. He is like a stray cat. My family claim him as my boyfriend as he always come to visit our house when I am around. And will leave after I pet him for a while.

OMG!! I should not be talking this much. I can’t make you guys bored. I know there are many crazy cat lovers/animal lovers like me. Let me know in the comments if you are an animal lover and also tell me if you have any pets.

And that’s all for today’s blog.

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Love you guys so much❤

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