It is the most favourite thing that I like to do and never want to stop doing that. Dancing makes me so happy. If there is somthing about dance I will make sure that I’m in it. I started to learn dance since kinder garden and never stop that. I’ll always try to learn new moves and make my body prepared for that.


If you guys have read one of my last blogs, you guys probably know how much I am into cats. They are my greateet obssession. Just looking at them really makes me happy. When I take them, hug them, kiss them ….it’s always so nice. The best part is when they start purring when they’re wirh us. When I am with a random cat, I pet it and if they start to pur, I will cry😂.


About crafts, it is my favourite hobby to do. Creating new stuffs and seeing the product, it’s so satisfying if you ask me. I will always go through youtube videos or instagram videos or facebook videos or any other realated to crafts. The reason why I like it so much is whenever I see random things some sort of idea will popup in my mind.


Very important. Can’t think of a day without it. I feel I am so blessed in this part. I have a thin body. No matter how much I eat, I won’t get fat. I think it is best because especially for me I want a thin body which helps me do whatever I want to. And I think if I am not this thin I can’t do so many adventurous things that I usually do. And I can’t give up on food.


Everyone may get surprised here because maths is the most hated subject. But for me doing maths and getting the solution right is very satisfying. That is main reason why I choose it as my major.


To be frank, I haven’t thought of starting this. Blogging was not in my plans all these year. It just came to my mind while I was talking to SOMEONE. So I thought Why wouldn’t I start one. Without wasting any moment. I just started. It’s only been about 6 days, I am freaking loving it. I got a new hobby and never want to stop that. It has became my happy place

Along with these I love my family, friends and everyone who makes me happy and give me a happy mood.

And here is a piece of advice. Be happy with what you are. And also try to find happiness in anything. Everything I mentioned above really makes me very happy. If you are not happy with doing something stop it. Never push yourself into things that make you sad or stressed or overwhelmed. And it’s ok if you are not feeling the great everyday. Just think that everyone have such situations. We may stress out. We may feel so sad. Especially in a situation like this. I also have panic attack sometimes. But it’s ok. Like it’s ok to be not ok. Just think, everyone loves you, there are so many people out there who cares about you. So be happy. Be positive.

Do what you like, what makes you happy

Love you guys so much❤


  1. Wow 🤩 so many varied things make Neha happy 😃 Yes Maths is a surprise 😇 I used to love it too

    For me Happiness is simply a decision. Just be happy 😊

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