Before starting, I want to thank everyone who liked and supported me. Just some time ago I recieved a mail that I got 5 likes for my last blog, which is my record in one day. As you know it is not the best record but for me that’s a huge amount. That’s a huge inspiration. Thankyou all so much.

Now let me tell why I started blogging…In my 21 years, I hadn’t even think about starting a blog. All in my mind was just dance, cat, friends, cartoon, games etc. I used to play on my parents mobile before. When I got a phone for myself I was addicted to youtube along with other social medias, especially tiktok. During quarantine, tiktok was banned in my country. So my addiction to youtube increased. I began to watch other youtubers making so many vlogs. They vlogged about their life and everything they liked. So I thought why couldn’t I start a youtube channel and posting some cool videos. Then I thought that I am a little lazy and won’t keep up with posting videos because it is time consuming and my editing skill is not good. So I think it over and began a instagram page only to post some craft products (you are free to follow me on my instagram if you want to. My main account is @ __n3ha__0406 and my craft page is @neha_crafts_0406). I started to post on in everyday, but I couldn’t stay with it. So I stopped posting on it in daily basis and started to post only when I make new things. The thing was I want to post whatever I want to. Thought I won’t be able to do that.The plan of blogging struck me when I was talking to SOMEONE. Let see how it went. He started a youtube channel and also told me to start one theming crafts. After some days exactly on May 2, he told me..’surprise surprise, I’m blogger now’. Then I was like, wait a second, that is a great idea. Why I didn’t think of that!! Well good to know. Thankyou baby for the idea. I googled it. Take my account on wordpress. Wrote my first ever blog. I found I am so happy whenever I write a blog and publish it. It’s only been 6 days, already became a part of my life. I never thought writing will brings me so much happiness.

I feel like I am talkng to someone who is very interested in listening to my non stop talkings. I can talk about things I like and it won’t tell me to stop. I really enjoy doing this. I am sure I won’t run out of ideas. I feel so happy that I have started it. Hope you guys will suppport me in this little journey of mine.

This is the next day of me working on this blog. I can’t believe my last blog got 11likes and 6 of you guys have followed me. I was going crazy yesterday. You guys have no idea how happy I am right now. You all made my day. Yesterday was one of my best days. Even if it is a small amount, for me it is like getting a 1 million followers. Thankyou guys so much for your support. It’s like I got a new family. 😘

Love you guys so much❤

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