As a public school student and not much of the age to realise whay is going on my elementary school life was not that special for me. But I did enjoy my way to and back to school, where we hang out with my friends the most. I began to enjoy real school life when I was passed to 5th. As the only new student in my class and the middle school section, making friends was not a problem for me. From that day onwards going to school became so much fun and tried not to miss any classes. Three years went by so fast and I cried for the first time that I was going to miss my elementary school, teachers and mostly my friends. My second stage of my school life end there.

Joined high school level in a new school. Fantastic!! My golden life part2 started. With my old and new friends there went the next three years. Passed 10th with hundred percentage. Can’t believe that happened, especially when I compare myself with that me and present me. Anyways, back to the story, I hate comparing. So!! Yeah.

Next level started. My higher secondary level. The best days of my life began!! So many new things happened. Should be!! Because everyone were in their best stage of their life. TEENAGE!! I was admitted to the hospital for the first time. Stayed away from my family for about one week for camp. Vacation classes of additional skill started. That added a little but very important thing to my life. Went for the best tour. Confessed to get a great gift in my life. And slowly my I noticed my school life was ending. Thankgod I had additional skill class on vacation. Enjoyed more time with my school and friends.

And the last day as student in my school was on my birthday ie, June 4, 2019. I celebrated with my friends. They gave me a surprise and I was touched. And there ends my school life.

Everyone will have some stage on their life which is unforgetful. For me it was my higher secondary classes. I miss those days so much. I wish I can get those days back. If I have a time machine, I will turn the time back to August, 2017.

Enjoy your life. Make each minute wonderful.

Love you guys so much❤

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