I have read somewhere that friends are the family that we chose. That really caught my attention. It is true, isn’t it? Friends are one of the greatest treasure that I possess. Wherever I go or wherever I am, I will find some crackheads like me. I have been to 3 schools and I am now in college and I always find the crazy friend group for me.

I love making friends. I am not afraid to do that. I am not afraid to associate with other people. When we get to somewhere, we will find a crazy friend for ourown. Then we meet the friends of our friends and going on, our group become larger. I have girl friends as well as guy friends. Love’em equally. The good thing to have friends everywhere is you won’t be alone.

For girls, it is very important to have a girl best friend, the so-called BFF. Who knows everything about us, who know you more than your family. Same for boys too.

Talking about friends of opposite gender, every girl will have a boy best friend and viceversa. So do I. We tease each other all the time. The one we share many secrets and the reasons for our sadness. Anything happens, I will tell him and so do he. We act like we are the greatest enemies in the world outside. But in deep inside we respect and love each other. We are like siblings from another parents. We are friends for life.

Talking about fake friends. Most of us must have faced fake friends in our life. We have to chose someone who will make us happy. If we are not happy around them or if they talk behind our back or if their presence give us negative vibe, just cut them off. It’s ok to lose fake friends when our world’s populaton is endless. And don’t worry, everyone can find the other version of them. Only you have to do is to go out there and find them. Don’t be afriad to talk to new people. Yes, we may have trust issues. But between all those little gang of fake friends there is a huge pack of good friends.

Keep updating your friends group. It doesn’t mean to forget our old friends, and search for new ones. It simple means to add new members to your friend group.

Old friends are like alphabets, new friends are like poem. Don’t forget our old friends when we get new, because we can’t read the POEMS without ALPHABETS.

Make friends, stay happy.

Love you guys so much❤

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