Hey all,

Hope everyone are doing well and safe..

I was planning on my new blog and the one I am here with is not the one I’ve planned. It’s all because of me obviously. So.., I did something stupid and I realised just a some minutes ago. But I successfully solved. But I gotta tell you this because I want to be honest with you guys. So ypu won’t misunderstand me as a perfect girl. I make lot of mistakes and do lot of stupid things.

So when I was playing with my phone today. And I was planning to download an app just to play long with it. When I tried to download it, my app store showes it was pending. So I decided to uninstall onenof the least used app in my phone. I went to file manager. Planned to uninstall telegram, but my stupid brain go wrong at that second and I UNINSTALLED MY WORDPRESS….OH GOD!! But that’s not the main thing. When I get back to my home page and I saw telegram is still there, I didn’t realised the app that I have uninstaled was my new happy place WORDPRESS( Rip me!!).

Some minutes ago when I was about to open wordpress and write my new blog, that was the moment I realised that I was hecked up! I got nervous. I know my account is still active but what if I forgot my site and password. I quickly installed wordpress praying to god. Opened the app. Tried to login. HOLY CRICKET!! What was my site adress (nervous brain is the dumpest brain). I thought it over. Finally got it. Lucky me, I didn’t forget my password and my blog was back. And my life was back. I know it’s not a great deal. But atleast for a little second I was half dead. Because blogging has became a part of my life.

I will be back with a real blog tomorrow.

Love you guys so much❤

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