My picture at Kattoothy Hilltop

This is another travel blog. To be honest, I am not a traveller or anything, but I like trips with my family and friends once in a while. My last travel blog was about our trip to swargam medu. But I made a mistake in it. The trip was on January. This trip I am going to talk about is the one we went on last Onam.

We actually visited two Parakulam and Kattoothy. The namesay trick you so as the places with trick your eyes. Because the view is so beautiful.

We were not havung any plan on going anywhere that day. We just made some payasam that morning. Drank it. My cousin sister was talking about going for a trip. But was not sure. At noon, when was taking my shower, my mother suddenly knocked my door and said ‘make it fast, we are going on a trip’. OK, COOL!! I got out fast and got ready. So do everyone. The main part is we don’t jnow where we are going. Just because it’s a trip, we are in.

Ans my cousin brother said where we are heading. Yes, we are heading to parakulam. We reached so fast. Our city is near to all view points. That’s great. We reached at the bottom of the place. Since no vehicles are able to go through the muddy road, we started walking and reached our first destination, Parakulam. It’s a wide pond between a wall made of rock. The pond was not deep. We can simply stand on that. We spent some time there. Took photos. And suddenly it started raining. We ran back to our car. That was so sad, we were not able to enjoy it completely.

Since it was raining we decided to go back. But for our luck rain started to calm down and our plan of going home changed to the trip to Kattoothy. One of the beautiful hilltops. It was so fun. We climbed up. Spent many time there. Took photos, videos, had fun. After spending some time there we went back home. It was so much fun.

If you feel so lonely and bored, go for a trip with with your family and friends. Going for some journey one in a while is good to improve your mental health. Amd if you go with someone it became wonderful. That’s why I always like to travel with my family and I won’t miss any trip from schools and college.

“If you are going somewhere far, go together”……right?

Love you guys so much❤

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