Back with another travel blog. Thought I won’t have so many travelling stories to tell you. But there is. I didn’t realise I have travelled this much. Today’s blog is about me and my college-hostel friends outing.

So when we were at the college last march we heard our friends talking about the hill near our college, Nirmala Hills, which is also great. It is named after our college. They said it was so beautiful. The view is great. If you really are the student of this college you gotta visit this place. So I and my three friends from college, also my hostel mates decided to go there and see what is there exactly. It was a thursday, we decided to go out. But it was not a simple task. Before going out we have to seek the permission of our warden. And because it’s a girl’s dorm and also because of covid and stuff our warden won’t let us go outside easily. If we want to go out, we should have a perfect reason for that. We thought of it very well so we won’t get crosschecked. We came up with a plan and lied we have to buy some books and stuff for class. She believed it and let us go out. MISSION COMPLETED!!

At Nirmala Hills

We setout together. The hill is only walking distance, so we don’t have to get any bus or cab. We know nothing more about the place we are going to see. Only knew there will be a stair directly from the roadside which lead us to the hill. We found the stair. Climbed up. Doesn’t take much long. We reached Nirmala Hills. Was a little disappointed. It felt like we are standing in the courtyard of a house. The only view from the hill was our college. Atleast that was beautiful. Anyways we won’t leave any place without taking pictures. And we left.

We really want to go to the town to buy some stuffs, so metaphorically speaking we didn’t lie to our warden. We got a bus, and went to the town. Bought some books. Went to a coolbar. Then we decided to go back. We felt so disappointed inside. Then one of my friends come up with a plan to walk along the pathway down the bridge. It was a good idea. That was really fun. We walked till the end of the pathway leading to the river side. There was a boat at the shore. We took selfies and videos. And that made our trip complete. We reviewed it as if we didn’t go to the town it would have been a failure. After spending some time at the river side we left there and came back to the hostel.

Nothing so much happened. It was my little trip with my friends. It would be so fun if I was alone in this outing. And there was nothing to see much. Just because I got my friends with me, this trip will be saved in my memory for the rest of my life.

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles (Tim Cahill)

Love you guys so much❤

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