Today I am going to share with you guys some of the quotes that I know which really inpired me. These were either read from some random places or that popped in my mind or even from a movie. I am not good with quotes. But the following one will certainly make you inspired or atleast think about it. If you really read this comment down how you feel.

1.) Darkness can’t be driven out by darkness, only light can do it. Hate can’t be driven out by hate, only love can do it.

2.) Stay positive

3.) Never doubt your believes, never believe your doubts.

4.) Life is all about the next step.

5.) Only you can change you.

6.) Don’t live for others and make them happy. Live for you and make them proud.

7.) Knee down to your god, so he will stand for you.

8.) It’s not about how others think, it’s about what you like.

9.) Don’t just wait for the right chance, take the chance and make it right.

10.) Don’t always hope for good. After all, life is meaningless without ups and downs.

Hope you guys like these. Let me know what you think about these.

Love you guys so much❤


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