You are beautiful. A sentence which makes you very much motivated. Which makes you confidence. Most of us like to hear that so you can feel good.

But the one thing about beauty we all need to know is it is not the external appearance. Beauty can be various thing. Just don’t thing you are ugly or you are not beautiful or you look awful. Because there is not such a word Ugly. Everybody is beautiful in their own way. It is the inner feelings which make you beautiful.

When we see a model or an artist or someone in other social medias, we may feel insecure about ourselves or may feel jealous or may think we are not beautiful. If you are doing that stop it. It only makes you more worried. Everyone have theirown insecurities. Just look at this example. Imagine we are scrolling through instagram and see a beautiful girl. Imagine you like her nose and wish you would have a nose like that. The same girl you saw in instagram may be wishing to have any other good feature that you have. Everyone is unique.

Or may be a good looking person won’t have a good mind. They may be rude to us. We can’t call them beautiful if they are like that. Let’s say there is somebody who is not physically that appealing but have kind heart, he/she is beautiful. Just the appearance alone won’t make them beautiful. If it was like that the Miss Universe and all those reality shows will be filled with a lot of good looking people who are even shy to get out their bedrooms. There are so many other things. If you can sing, it’s a beauty. If you can dance, it’s a beauty. If you have a good heart, you are beautiful. If you just help your fellow beings, you are beautiful. If you arw confidence, or you are shy, or crackheaded, or even an obedient child, you are beautiful.

God made each one of us differently. It may be weird if everyone in the world look alike.

If there is any teenegers here. I know you may feel very insecure sometimes. It’s ok. Just think “you are beautiful the just way you are”.

Everyone will have different view to beauty. But overall the most beautiful person in the world is one who owns the most beautiful heart. Be kind. Then you will be beautiful. Just fill your hearts with positivity.

Love you guys so much❤

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