I am not a great orator or anything. I don’t know how to show magic with words. I don’t have any mesmerizing words to add on my speeches. All I know is to speak with my own words. And the only aim is to make my readers or listeners understand what I am saying and what I really mean. And that makes me really who I am. Because here I am not trying to be like someone else. It is really important to know what you really are.

Everyone likes to have a great day. Great time. Great life. Happy life. And everyone deserves it. But it is not that easy. We like to make others happy and be happy ourselves. When we think about that it seems to be easy but it’s not. Providing someone a happy life or being happy ourselves is not that easy. The main reason is we didn’t know how to be happy. Because we are just trying to imitate others. That’s a pity truth!! We look at other people, see them being happy. Then we start to think, oh if we live like them we may become happy. And then we won’t live like them, we act like them. So there is no difference, we are only making it worse.

All of this is because we are forgetting how to live. Above all we forgot what we like. We can be happy only if we live as who we are. When we are in a relationship it’s so rare that our partner may like us the just the way we are. We love them so we try to change. We sacrifice our like. And what do we gain. Nothing!! We may get the love of our partner. After some time they will find another mistake and command us to change again. And we do that again and again and again. Here each time we change for others, we are losing things that we like. Then we can’t complain that we are not happy, because we abandoned that.

Being yourself is not a bad thing. You have to be happy. When you live like the way others want, what is the point of living. Well, I know it’s important for us to make everyone happy. But it is not to be done by leaving behind our happiness. Live the life that you want so you can be happy. Be positive and spreading that positivity to others to make them happy. That is the way to be followed.

It’s ok to cry, to rest, to say no to things you don’t like, it’s ok to give importance to yourself. Just be happy. Just be yourself. Do what you think it’s right. Follow your heart, you will be happy.

Your opinion of yourself is what matters more…

Love you guys so much❤

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