Everyone likes to be happy. We know there is not a better way to stay healthy. If you are happy, it means you are mentally healthy which make you to stay healthy physically too. But is it possible to be happy always?? The answer is no. Everybody will have some sort of problems or sadness. And we may be suffering mental breakputs some times.

And in my opinion or it may be most you guys opinion, it’s ok to have mental breakdowns. It’s ok to cry. I also have mental breakdowns. There are many days I just hug my pillow and cry my heart out. When I am sad or just ovetwhelmed or stressed or even when I am on my lady week I will cry. We are human. We have multiple feeings. And that make us human. Sadness is one of them. Crying is our nature. Every human will cry when they are sad. Not only human. Every living beings will cry when they are sad.

Don’t think that you are alone. You see other people happy, they also have same situation like you. Even the most happiest person alive have gone through a big mental breakout than we think.

When you are having a bad day, do whateve makes you happy. If you want to yell;do that, cry;do that. No one is going to question you because all you are doing is for you. It’s ok to not to be ok. When you are doing so you are taking care of your body.

If you are having a bad day, realise it’s the time to take a break. Just leave behind everything. Take care of yourself. And it is ok.

I am not a good adviser. But I want everyone who is reading this and everyone in the world to know that it is ok to have bad days. You just need to cry it out and begin from where you failed. May be the next thing you do will make your life magical.

Just because today is a bad day doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life

Take care of yourself. I will pray for you all and I bet there are many doing the same for you.

Love you guys so much❤

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