When you have a lot of things to do you may feel overwhelmed or stressed. But if you try to organise everything and make them work the way you want you won’t get stressed and you will feel much more productive. Being productive doesnot mean you are doing so many things. It is called productive when you are doing all of them in an organised way.

Here are some tips that I have researched and tried which makes me productive and being organised. I want to add that I am not that working hard type of person , but if I have a lot of things to do I always follow these tips to get them done. Also these tips works for me don’t means it will work for all. But some of them can which is general. If you are having a productive day or a lazy chilly day, let’s hope to have a good day anyways and let us move to the tips…

1. Make a to-do list

It’s a common way everyone use everyday. I always make a to-do list if I have lot ofnthings to do. Even if I am about to have any special events like test or games or anything I will make a to-do list not only for a day but for a long time. This really helps me to remember everything and I can always remember if I am having a test or assignment in the following days.

2. Give priority to your main plan

If I am having a test and a dance shoot or a craft work in the same day, my priority always lies in my test and I will prepare for that. Only after that I will look for my next work. Doing this will make you less stressed.

3. Don’t ever think of procasting any of your work

Procasting any of your work is definitely the one thing that makes you non productive. When you think that you are going to do that work next day and the next day come you are having overload here. And it is more likely to increase your stress.

4. Take some rest in between

Doing all the work at once will make your energy level go down. Whether you are studying or cleaning or doing any other work you have to take a break at certain intervals. When you are continuously working your brain and your body will become tired. So take some rest in between your work. It doesn’t mean to take rest every 5 minutes.

5. Separate space for work and rest

Having your meal at your bed is one of the main unhygienic and non productive thing I know. The right place for taking meals is the dining hall. Like that everything have there own space. If you are doing your homework or now we can say your online classes in the bed is a really non productive thing if you ask me. When you are trying to be productive you should bot be sitting in the bed all day. There is big chance to sleep when you are on the bed because it is so cozy and warm. So find a different place for working.

Hope you guys loved these tips. Let me know if these make you productive.

Love you guys so much❤

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