Day dreaming about fictional things is always been my habit since childhood. I was indeed like a fairy who doesnot even care much about her outside world. Just wandered around. Speaking to animals and birds and plants hoping they can hear me and they will reply to me. I speak to my toys. And I always felt like one of the toys may feel sad if I ignore it. I know it won’t. I am a science student. Shouldn’t be thinking like that. But what can I do!! I am like that. I have two fishes, I named them Saddie amd Cherry Blossom. If I talk to one of them, I won’t leave until I talk to the other one. If I didn’t do that what if they feel I am mad at them or I just don’t care about them anymore.

Even when I am physically here, just sitting in a couch or in my bed or in a classroom or in a bus or in a random place where lots of people roam around, I will be in a big fairy land mentally. Flying like the great fairy Maleficent and doing magic tricks. I have got caught many times in class because of this habit. But when I am in that beautiful world it makes me so happy. So I don’t mind if I am out of focus in the class, atleast I am not causing any disturbance. When I am in that world I wrote my own story. I design my own character. Ofcourse my hero and everything also. My story line change as based on what happens in that day or some extract from something I see or read or hear. When I get too much into the character I will cry. Just like I am acting in an award winning film. Or I will say out loud the dialogues that I wrote myself in my mind.

Sometimes I may be holding a music concert in the bathroom having my shampoo and conditioner and other bottles and small insects on the wall as my audience who cheer me up. Here I am not the only one. Most of the population will be like that. Even when I am sad after I am done crying I will start to talk like I am standing in front of a big crowd giving a motivational speech taking my life as example. Seems to be dumb. But it really helps me to calm down. I really want to do that because I don’t like to cry before others due to some unknown reasons and I believe only I can make me feel better. So this speech makes me feel good. Even though I will wake up the next day with a puffed red eye and red nose and puffed up cheeks, my mind will be pleasant and only my external appearance looks terrible. And when others ask what happened I just say, I didn’t sleep well yesterday or just say it’s my periods and my cramp didn’t make me sleep yesterday. Everyone will believe that because I do have terrible period cramps.

When I miss someone so badly the characters of my fairy tales changes to them. And through that I will speak to them and spend my time with them. Sometimes it make no sense just like I am writing this blog. I don’t know if I am making any sense through this so I have to check all the way down. Hope you guys are really enjoying my blogs. Oh!! That remind me of something. When I started writing blogs I have imagined about meeting all of you guys in person. I really wish I could. May be that’s not possible. Any ways!! Thinking about that may make me wanna cry. I have became a crybaby (being so dramatic here).

Okay, back to the subject. Daydreaming is not probably a new thing. Everyone may have. Also have even more crazier imagination than me. It will be nice if you guys share that in the comments. With that been said, I am concluding this blog here.

Love you guys so much❤

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