He gently touched the cheeks of Dora’s incomplete picture and smiled.

The alarm started to burst Dora’s ear. She suddenly got up and turn off her alarm. And that was unsual. “You already woke up,honey?”, mother asked as she was passing by Dora’s bedroom. “No, I just woke up, mom”. “Hmmmm….. I know very well. Someone has already gotten you up!! Ha ha ha!!”, mother laughed and walked away. “MOM!!!”, Dora shouted. She rushed to get ready. She opened her closet and picked out the prettiest dress of all. She wore her favourite pink dress and put on some pretty accessories and make up.

She looked gorgeous than ever.

She walked down to the kitchen. “Oh my god!! I never knew my daughter was this pretty!!”, her mother said surprisingly. “Because she is my baby, dear”, Dora’s father cried from the other room. Dora was shy and her cheeks blushed. “Oh!! Stop it!!”, Dora said. She ate her breakfast and ran out to her car and drive away. She was thinking about Peter ofcourse. She smiled occasionally. There was Peter on the front gate of the school. Dora’s heart started to beat fast as she approaches him. “Hey Dora! Wow, you look pretty today!!”, Peter complimented. “Thankyou Peter”.

“DORA!! Are you going for a party? Why you so good today? Are you dressed up for someone?”, Mia asked. “Shut up, Mia!”.

“I should get his number today”, Dora thought. “Hey, can I have your number?”, Peter asked. Dora was stunned. “Yeah, why not? Here”. “Thanks”, Peter said. “That was easy”, Dora danced inside. “I’ll give a missed call now, Dora. You can save my number”, Peter said. “Okay”.

Dora and Peter got so close. She always felt that Peter love her as she feels about him. So she talked about that with her mother.

One day when she was in her house, she saw her mother in the garden, watering all the beautiful coloured flowers. “Mom, listen”. “Whta’s it, hon?”, mother asked. “What do you think about me dating?”. “Oh!! So you finally have grown up. Alright!! Now tell me, isn’t the guys Peter?”. “Wait, how’d you know that?”, Dora was surprised. “Because….I am your mother, crackhead. Well, tell me, have you told him?”, mother asked. “Um…..not”, she said sadly. “What? That’s not good. I thought my daughter was brave enough to do that kind of things. I am disappointed”, mother started to laugh. “Don’t tease me, mom. I feel like I’m less powerful, when I stand before him. Give me an idea”, Dora said. “Write him a letter”. “Mom, what century are you living? Who write letter in these days?”, Dora asked. “You’re looking down the old fashion. Just tell him everything…”. “But…”, Dora was still in confusion. “No buts. If you don’t do that, you’ll loss him”.

Dora thought about it whole night.” Should I tell him? What if he rejects me? May be not. I’m sure he is into me too. But I’m too scared too. C’mon. God!! Please help me. Guve me an idea”. Dora walked to and fro in her bedroom. “What if I send him a message? Hell no, he may think I’m too shy. Should I tell him straight? Like, Peter, I love you? No no no!! What if he think I’m too bold? Uuuuhhhh!! This is so frustrating. Why is falling in love so hard?”. She felt so hopeless.

Suddenly she noticed the drawer of her desk. There was a beautiful red colour paper over there. “Idea!! I’m going to make a beautiful rose out of it and will give it to him and will say my feelings. Hopefully it will work. It will!! I am sure”. Dora started to make a rose. The rose turned out awesome.

“This will do it. He will love it. Tomorrow is your day Dora. Get ready. You are going to confess to the love of your life. Be prepared. And please don’t make any mistake”. Dora lied on her bed peacefully hoping to dream about Peter.

Will be continued……

Love you guys so much❤

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