She woke up at 6am as usual. Took a peep at her phone. There was a message ” you up,bae?”. She looked at it for a little bit and went to her bathroom. She took a glance at the mirror, saw a sleepy girl and finished her morning skin care routine like all girls. Came back to the bedroom. She looked herself at the mirror. ”Much better. Now I have to pick an outfit”, she thought. She opened the sliding door of her closet which opens to a colourful collection of outfits and dresses which are arranged in rainbow order. She stared at it for a bit and took out a blue hoodie amd leggings. ” Doesn’t feel the great today, I wanna be comfy”. She wore the dress and put on some make up. Again stared at her reflection on the mirror.

“Dora!! Are you ready for school??”, her mother called from downstairs. She didn’t answer. She took her bag and came down. There she saw on the dining table, a plate with toasted bread and also a cup of milk. Dora sat on the chair nearby and started to eat. “Why you look so tired, Dora? Haven’t you slept well yesterday?” mother asked. “I am fine mom, it’s just….!”. “What?” mother asked. “I think I’m gonna breakup with Peter, mom. I feel I’m gonna hurt him. I love him so much. So I don’t wanna hurt him”,she replied. “Huh!! Dora, please don’t do that. He really loves you, honey. I’m sure he will understand if you say everything”.

“Mom, how can I tell him that I’ve tumor? Not just any. It’s brain tumor. He will be broken. That will make me so sad. I think I’ll just tell him to break up. I don’t want him to know about my illness. I know he loves me so much. That’s why I want him to stay away from me”. Her eyes started to fill up. Mother couldn’t stand that sight. She went back to the kitchen. Took the lunch box for Dora and came back. She kept that in Dora’s bag.

Dora finished her breakfast. She slowly took her bag and walked towards the front door and looked back. Her mother was behind her. They hugged. “Love you, hon”. “Love you too,mom”.

Dora moved to the courtyard. Looked at the car. Doesn’t feel like driving. She waited at the road side for her school bus. The bus arrived. She got in and looked for an empty seat. She found one. The moment she comfortably sat on the seat, her phone started ringing. It was Peter. She refused to pick it. She slowly rested her head on the window and stared outside.

A series of memories began to flash through her head. Tears were falling down through her cheeks. She glared at the glass window. There she saw Peter from her memory walking towards her while she was having fun with her friends. “Hey, Peter!! Come here, buddy”. One of Dora’s friends called him. He approached them. Dora fixed her eye on him. Suddenly saw Peter looking at her. She turned her head. Her friend introduced Peter to everyone. “Guys, this is Peter. He is my neighbour. We grew together since kindergarden”. “Hai Peter!!” Everyone said. He was so friendly and stole everyone’s heart fast, so as Dora. Suddenly Mia, Dora’s friend shouted,”Dora, it’ your treat today, remember?”. “What treat?” Peter asked. “She got a new car last day and have promised to guve a treat today. Hey, why don’t you join us Peter?”, Mia said. “Okay, I love to, only if she allows”, Peter looked at Dora. “She is fine with that, aren’t you Dora?”. Mia asked. “No problem”. Dora said. “Thankyou Dora”. Peter said. They all walked to the cafeteria. Dora bought everyone their favourite ice cream.

After the treat, they all gathered at the ground. Everyone started to leave. “I’m going back now, Dora. I have to be at home at 5. I can’t miss the party. Bye Dora! Bye Peter!”. Mia rushed. “Okay Mia. Convey my wishes to aunt”. “Done”.

“What party?” Peter asked. “Oh! It’s her mother’s birthday today. They have arranged a party. She wants to buy a gift for her mother. So she is rushing now. Otherwise she won’t leave until dusk”. Dora laughed. Peter looked at her and smiled. “She looks cute” Peter said in mind. “Fine then. When are you leaving?” Peter asked. “Now”,she replied.” I have no one to talk right now. I’d better be off”. “Excuse me!! Then what about me? Can’t you talk to me?” Peter asked. “Wait! So you’re not leaving now”. Dora asked. “How can I leave when you are here, Dora?”. Dora was surprised. They talked for a long time. Both of them started to like each other. “Peter, I better be off now. Hope we can chat more tomorrow”. “I will love that”, Peter replied.

That was the first time for Dora feeling something like that. She really liked Peter. As soon as she reached home, she talk about him to her mother. Dora couldn’t sleep that night. She was thinking about Peter. “May be I’ll send him a message”. She took her phone. Realised she haven’t ot his number. “Oh sh*t!! DORA!!”. She said to her self.

Meanwhile, Peter was thinking about her. He took his drawing book and starts to draw a beautiful potrait of Dora. Next morning Peter woke up to the half drawn picture of Dora. He gently touched the cheeks of Dora’s incomplete picture and smiled.

Will be continued…..

Guys, this is my first time writing a story. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the first part. Give a like if you loved this. The next part will be up tomorrow. Stay tuned for that.

Love you guys so much❤

Ps: I collect all the pictures from google.

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