Dora lied on her bed peacefully hoping to dream about Peter.

Next day hit. Dora tried to look as beautiful as she can. She didn’t even wait to complete her breakfast. She ran out and drive away in her car. The moment she reached the school, she wandered around the compound to see Peter. But couldn’t find him. She called him. “Hello!!”. “Yes, Dora…”. Peter answered. “Where are you?”, Dora asked. “I’m on the way to school. Um…..Dora!!”. “Yes”, Dora replied quickly. “If you don’t mind can I talk to you in person?”, Peter asked. Dora started panicing. “Yes!”. “Okay, then. We can talk when I reach there. Wait for me”. Peter hang up. “Oh my god! What is he going to say!! Anyways I have to be ready”. She took out the rose she made.

After a few minutes, she saw Peter coming towards her. As he walked closer, her heartbeat raised. “Should I tell him now? I getting nervous.. Oh my god! He looks good today!! Straight your mind Dora. Focus!!”.

“Hai Dora..”. Peter approached her. “What is it Peter?”, she asked. “That is…… Dora!! What’s in your hand?”. “Oops!”. She hid the rose behing her. “It’s nothing. Just tell me what you want to say..!”, she urged him. “Okay. I don’t know how to explain it. I was trying to say this from the first day we met. But I was not confidence enough”. “This is words I want to tell him. What’s going on?”, Dora thought.

Peter continued, “I love you, Dora! From the first meeting itself, I’ve fallen for you. Um… don’t have to answer today itself. But I expect a positive answer. I feel you have the same feelings as I have for you. Well, I’m going to my class. See you in the evening”. Peter turned to walk away. “Wait, Peter. I’ve to say something to you too. Actually…..”, she stopped. “What is it?”, Peter asked. “This rose was for you. To be frank, all you’ve said are the same things that I want to tell. I also like you, Peter”. There was a huge silence. Both of them looked at each other and smiled.

Days passed. Weeks passed. Months passed. Dora and Peter was so in love. They went for several dates. Dora’s parents loved Peter so much, so do Peter’s parents. They hanged out in school. Shared their love. Enjoyed their best days of love life. And there came the summer vacation. They two spend so much time together before going back to home.

Days went fast. By calling and messaging everyday, Dora and Peter strongly maintained their relationship. Then it came the last week of the vacation. Dora was getting ready for her next academic year. She was on a shopping with her mother. “Mom, I should buy a gift for Peter. What about a T-shirt?”. “That will be cute”, mother replied. They reached a mall. They entered a men collection store. “Oh! Look at that Dora. This will be a perfect match for Peter. What’d you say?”. She took out the T-shirt and turned to show Dora. She was shocked. She saw Dora lying on the floor unconscious. “Dora! Dora! Wake up. What happened? Please wake up. Open your eyes baby. Somebody help. It’s my daughter. Someone help”. Mother started to cry. The people in the store gathered around. They helped to take Dora to a hospital.

“I’m scared. What happened to her? Will she be alright?”, mother asked Dora’s father. “Don’t worry. She will be fine. Our daughter is strong. She’s gonna be alright”, he said. “Doctor! What happened to our daughter? Is she fine?”, they asked the doctor as he came out of the ICU. “You should have checked this before. I’m so sad to tell you this, she has tumor. She has brain tumor. She must be brought to surgery soon. And this part is little complicated….”. “What us it doctor?”, they asked. “Her condition is serious. The chance of her survival after the surgery is low”. Doctor walked away. Dora’s mother started to cry hugging her husband. What should we do? Our baby……!”. There was tears on her father’s eyes.

After some time they were allowed to enter the ICU. Dora was up. “Mom, dad, what happened? What happened to me?” she asked. “It’s nothing hon. Just take some rest”, her mother said. “If there is nothing why are your eyes watery? Tell me what is it?”. It was so hard for her parents. But they said about her condition. Dora didn’t utter a word. Her eyes didn’t teared up. She just looked at the ceiling.

Next day, Dora was discharged from the hospital. She looked at her phone. There was a numerous missed calls and messages from Peter. She saw his message. “Why are you not attending my calls or replying? Is everything alright? I can’t wait to see you the next week”. Suddenly Dora was sad. Tears started to flow through her cheeks on to her lap. She typed on her phone, “nothing, my phone was out of juice yesterday”.

She lied back on her bed. She began to plan something and closed her eyes.

Will be continued…..

Love you guys so much❤

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