The light was turned off in the theatre and a doctor came out.

“Is she alright, doctor?”, Dora’s mother asked. “It was really hard. We were trying our best to save her. We thought only a miracle can save her. But….”, Doctor stopped. “But what? Why did you stop?”, Peter asked. Doctor turned to her parents, “Your daughter is lucky. She had all your prayers with her. She is fine. She is sedation”. They were happy. Their eyes filled with tears of happiness. “Can we see her?”, they asked. “You can. But don’t try to wake her up. She needs rest”. Doctor said and walked away.

Three of them silently went inside the ICU. They saw Dora with oxygen mask on her face breathing heavily. Her mother started to cry. “Don’t cry dear, she is fine now. Please, you’ll wake her up. Come here, let’s go out. Peter, you stay here. We’re going for a walk”, Dora’s father took mother with him and went out. Peter slowly sat on the chair beside the bed where Dora was lying. He gently took her hand in him. “Please be alright, bae. You don’t have to worry anymore. I’m here for you and I always will. I love you so much”.

It came the next day. Dora slowly opened her eyes. She looked confused. She looked around slowly and saw Peter sleeping laying his head on the bed. “Who are you?”, Dora asked. Peter woke up. “Oh! Dora, you’re up”, Peter said happily. “DORA! Who’s Dora?” she asked in wonder. Peter was shocked. “What is going on? Is she alright? I better call the nurse”. Peter stood up and called the nurse, “Nurse! Nurse!”. The door was opened fast and a nurse came in. “What is it?”, the nurse asked. “Call a doctor fast”, Peter said, “fast”. The nurse ran out. Within a minute a doctor came in. “What happened?” the doctor asked. “You should check Dora. She doesn’t remember anything”, Peter began to panic. “Peter, please don’t panic. Let me take a look. You wait outside”.

Peter slowly got out. He called Dora’s mother to come fast. After a few minutes doctor came out of the room. “We already have expected something to happen like this. Her surgery was successful, but the tumor has affected her memory badly”, the doctor said. “WHAT?”, Dora’s mither cried out as she was runnung towards them. “No! Our daughter lost her memory? What should we do now?” she started crying. “I’ve checked her. But please don’t worry. Her memory us not lost completely. She can retrieve it. She does remember something, but don’t know how to connect it an read it together. So we should give her sometime. Do what she likes the most. That’s the only way we can help her”, doctor said.

They all went in. Dora looked at them strangely. “Who all are you? Why I am here? I getting scared”, she said sobbingly. “Dora, we are your parents. And he is your boyfriend. Don’t you remember us?”, her mother asked. Dora turned her head. She didn’t remember any of them. “We should give her time. She’ll remember us soon”, father said. Peter quickly got out of the room suddenly wiping his tears. Dora’s mother followed him. “Peter, please don’t be like that. You’re the one who should make her and us strong. If you’re like this, what about us, Peter? Be strong. Promise me you won’t leave Dora in any situation” she said. “Aunt, I have already promised her about that. Don’t worry aunt. I won’t leave her whatever happens. Believe me”, Peter was about to cry.

One week passed. Dora was discharged and brought back home. She still don’t remember anything. Her mother took her to her room. “This is your room, hon”. Everything was like new to Dora. She took a big glance around the room. She saw her own photo hanging on the wall. “Was this really my room?” she asked. “Yes it is, my dear”, her mother said. “Then why can’t I remember it?” Dora asked. Her mother was silent and went back. Dora heard her phone ringing. “Peter?”. She read the name on the phone. “Hello?”. “Hello, Dora, it’s me Peter. Can I talk to you for some time?” he asked. “Okay!”, she agreed. “Thankyou Dora. I’ll be there in a bit”.

Dora came down. “What is it honey? You want something?” her mother asked. “Peter said he wants to talk to me. He’ll be here soon”, Dora said. “Do you know who Peter is Dora? You remember anything about him?”. “No, but I feel something strange when I hear his voice”. “Really?….”. The bell rang.

“May be it’s Peter. Go open the door Dora”, her mother said. She opened the door. “Hai Dora”, it was Peter. “Can we go for a ride?”, he asked. Dora turned and looked at her mother. “You can go Dora. It will make you feel good”. “Thankyou aunt”, Peter said.

Peter opened the car door for Dora. She got in. “Shall we go?”, Peter asked. Dora nodded.

Will be continued…….

Love you guys so much❤

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