She lied back on her bed. She began to plan something and closed her eyes.

The bus put a sudden brake which make Dora come back to the present. The bus have reached the school. She slowly walked out of the bus and walked towards the gate. There she saw Peter waiting for her. She tried to hide her tears. As soon as Peter saw Dora, he ran towards her and hugged her. Dora started to cry. “Hey! Why are you crying, bae? Did you miss me that much? It’s okay. I am here now. No need to cry.”. He wiped her tears from her cheeks. Dora looked pathetically into Peter’s eyes. “How should I tell this to you Peter? How will I said we want to break up?”.

Peter hold her hand and they walked to the school. He found Dora was not happy. He took her to the cafeteria and bought her favourite coffee. “This will make you feel good. And now tell me what happened. You look so sad, bae. You’re making me worried”, he asked.

Dora doesn’t had any other options. She decided to tell him what she has planned. “Let’s break up Peter”, she said in a rush. “What did you say? Babe!! You’re joking, right? Tell me you’re joking. DORA!!”. Peter’s eyes became watery. “I’m sorry, Peter”, Dora ran out of the cafeteria crying. Peter didn’t understand what was going on. Dora didn’t attend any of the class that day, so did Peter. Dora went back home. She cried all the way back and all day long. Peter also cried. He went back home too. He took the drawing of Dora. Kept it close to his chest and started crying.

Following days, Dora tried to avoid Peter. Each time Peter approached her, she moved away. She didn’t picked up her phone or replied his messages. Days passed. Dora was called for surgery. “Shouldn’t we tell Peter about this, babe?”, her mother asked. “No, I don’t want him to know about this. I can’t make him cry. That’s why I broke up with him”. “He has to know this Dora. You should tell him” mother said. “I am not sure I will survive this mom. Doctor clearly said that”, Dora shouted. Mother started to cry. They all went to the hospital.

Dora was soon taken to change her dress. She was made to lie on a stretcher. The stretcher was pulled out of the room. It stopped before the operation theatre where her parents was standing. “Bye mom. Bye dad”, she said as her eyes were tearing. She held their hand tight. Her parents started to cry. The nurse pushed the stretcher forward to the theatre.

“Stop!!”. They all heard a loud shout. They turned back to see Peter running fast towards them. He stopped near the stretcher. “So this is why you broke up with me, right Dora?” he asked. His white face was red and his eyes was puffed up. “I don’t want you to worry about me Peter. I can’t stand you being sad”, Dora replied. “Why do you think like that, bae? Does breakup can make it better? I don’t care if you have any problem. I can look after you in any situations”, Peter said aggressively. “Peter. I won’t survive…..”. Peter closed her mouth with his hand. “Don’t dare to say that Dora. You will survive. You will come out of this room with complete health. I will get my old Dora back. I know that”. Dora started to cry. Peter kissed her on her forehead.

Dora was taken to the operation theatre. Peter turned to her mother. “Thankyou aunt, if you haven’t told me everything, I won’t know anything”. “It’s my duty Peter. I know how much you love our daughter”. There was a deep silence. Doctors and nurses ran out and in the theatre. Three of them, mother, father and Peter waited outside, praying. 4 hours passed. The light was turned off in the theatre and a doctor came out.

Will be continued………

Love you guys so much❤

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