Peter opened the car door for Dora. She got in. “Shall we go?”, Peter asked. Dora nodded.

Dora was silent all while. Peter decided to cheer her up. “Do you want your favourite coffee? You used to drink coffee everyday”. “I did?” Dora asked. “Yes, you did. The day when you said you want to break up with me….”. Dora looked at Peter. He continued “I have bought you a coffee. You remember?” “No!”. Dora lowered her head. Peter stopped by a café. He got out and opened the door for Dora. “C’mon, this is your favourite café”. They went in and ordered two coffee. “Dora, wait here. I think I forgot my wallet in the car. I’ll be back”, Peter said. “Okay”.

Peter walked towards the car. He opened the door and got in. He takes the rose that Dora gave him and put that carefully inside a beautiful box along with a piece of paper. And he put that box inside Dora’s bag. He went inside. After drinking coffee, Peter took her to their school. Walked around the school with her. “This is the place we first met, this was were we used to spent most our time together, I always waited here for you at mornings, you always fought with the students of this class claimimg they were your enemies and whenever I see you fighting I’ll drag you from there”, he faked a laugh after saying that. Dora eyes was tearing. “You said I’ve done so many things here. But I can’t remember anything, ony I feel I have a little memory about these places”, she said. Peter knew she was going to cry. He suddenly grabbed her hand and said “c’mon, I’ll take you to an amusement park, we havem’t gone their together”. They went to the park.

Dora got so much better with Peter’s company. And went back to home.

“Bye Dora! Let’s go to another fun place tomorrow. May be you’ll feel different after you find something”, he drove away. Dora didn’t understand what he was talking. She went in. “How was your day honey? Did you enjoy?”, mother asked. “Mmm”, she said and went upstairs.

She lied on the bed. She opened her bag to take her phone out and saw a box. “What is it?” she thought and took that box out. She opened the box and saw the rose. She took that out. Suddenly her head started to hurt. Memories ran through her head like a movie. She remembered making that rose. She remembered Peter. She remembered everything. She ran down. “Mom! Mom!” that was the first Dora called her mother ‘mom’ after the surgery. “I remember everything mom”, there was tears in her eyes. She suddenly took her phone to call Peter. “Hello! What’s it Dora?” he asked. “Peter!! You’re the best thing ever happened in my life. Thankyou for coming to my life”, she cried. Peter was crying too. “Don’t cry bae, it’s okay. Love does hurt sometimes…. See you tomorrow. Love you”, Peter hang up.

The next morning itself Peter came to Dora’s house. The moment she heard Peter’s car she ran down. Opened the door. Ran towards Peter and hugged him.


Love you guys so much.

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