It feels like my first step to my first class in my college as a fresh man was yesterday. Within a gap of a wink I’m a senior right now!! Oh my god! College life. What even was that? Covid 19 completely wiped my college days. When I started to enjoy my campus, it was taken away. My second year. Gone!! My first day as a senior student was over on June 1.

Well, unfortunately, my classes had started. Describing my life as student right now; maths student, have to write 4 university exams and 8 internal exams, work hard on every working days. Wow!! Guys.. Stay tuned for college day blogs. Eventhough I am not going to school in person, classes are there. I’ll talk about all of my classes and schedules in other blog.

So my 2 days have passed. Going not bad. I wish my teachers were little more cool. But it’s our problem. Secret time! So our second year, none of my classmates including me have studied anything. My teachers were so furious about that. So this year they have growm little more strict adding to their already strictness. So we have to work hard. But to be honest from my past 2 days it is not that hard. And I can complete all of my works fast as I usually do. Our HOD has told us to work for atleast 12 hours a day for studing. I can’t do that. For me to leave in peace and work, I must get enough free time. It’s like getting free time is much more important than studies. If you guys are like that. Wassup! But one thing, make sure you have completed your work. I like to complete all of my works before I do anything else. So be responsible for what you do.

I feel like I haven’t talked much to you guys these days. Because I was uploading all parts of the story I have written. If you guys haven’t read that and you are interested in love stories please do read that. Also I like to read feedbacks, so I can improve. I will link down all parts of the story down. It’s name is ‘Love does hurt sometimes’.

As I was saying I can’t believe I am a senior student now. I wish to go back to college inperson. Let’s hope for the best.

Love you guys so much❤

Love does hurt sometimes

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5.

Part 6.

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