Hey guys,

So today I’m here with a college blog. Eventhough we are not going to college in person we are having our classes online. So I am at home, but want to do all of my college works whatsoever.

Let me first give you guys my class schedule and stuff. I am a senior student right now. I have mentioned it in my last blog. I will link it down below. I’m in mathematical major. I know it sounds crazy. Whenever I say this to someone else they all make “oh my god face”. Akonyways. So our class have started on June 1.

Today is June 3, the day I’m writing this. And tomorrow is a big day for me it’s my birthday tomorrow and that will be another blog. About my class. I have 5 subjects this year. 4 of them are my major maths itself and 1 is an open course.

Abstract algebra

Differential equation

Environmental maths

Mathematical analysis

These are my major classes and Fundamentals of accounting is my open course. For my major classes our teachers upload recorded video. So we can watch that repeatedly and open course is live.

Here’s my little day in my life on college days. The things vary everyday. Let’s start.

I don’t like to wake up early. I only wake early if I have to. So I woke around like 8.30am this morning. The firstvthing I always do in the moening is obviously go through my phone so I can make sure about my class and assignment. Also I can post on my story to wish any of my friends or relatives on their birthday. Today was one of my friends birthday. So I posted that on my whatsapp story. Then I did my morning skin care and brushed my teeth. After that, I drank my black coffee. My day won’t start without a black coffee. I also went through the newspaper while drinking coffee as usual. After sometime I ate my breakfast.

To start my college work, I have to first clean my house. While I clean house I like to listen to podcaste. So I played my favourite podcaste crime junkie.

I have been listening to crime junkies like 3 months now. I love it. I love Ashley and Brit❤. They have been accompanying me for everything like cleaning, travelling, crafting etc. Right after I completed cleaning, I sat to start my studies.

I listened to one of my record classes and finished the homework. At 11.40 my open course started. Teacher didn’t teach anything. It was like an introduction class. After the live class, I continued to learn my other classes. Also chatted with my friends in between. After finishing most of the works, I was going to chill. At that moment I got call from my best friend. She said that our second semester result have been published. OMG! I was so scared. That exam was so hard. We wished our result won’t be published ever. But fate was against us. It came out today. After struggling for a while my friend send me my result. I got overall B+. That was really bad for me. But to be frank for that exam I haven’t expected that much. Anyways. Leave that subject their.

After that I posted my new blog. Then I had my lunch. After sometime, I listened to my next class and wrote the assignment. Helped my friends with the assignment. And at 5.29pm I submitted my last assignment.

And with that my college work for the day was over.

I checked off everything on my to-do list. Feel satisfied.

I got free. The rest of the evening is me time. I do what I like. So I played my favourite game at the moment Harry Potter : Hogwarts Mystery. After playing that for a while I started to write this blog. There is nothing much to happen next. I am going to finish this blog. Then may be play game for a little bit. Have my dinner. Hang on my phone for a little bit and go to sleep. This is my day today. It won’t be the same tomorrow. It was not the same yesterday either. So that’s all. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Don’t forget to give a like.

Love you guys so much❤

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