It was my first birthday since I have started blogging. I have turned 21 years now. I can’t believe I am already 21. When I think about it first think that come to my mind is “Oh my god! I can drink liquor now”😂. Don’t take me wrong guys. I won’t drink or smoke ever in my life. But it just come to my mind when I think I am 21. I don’t feel a great difference about being 21.

Talking about this day. Yesterday evening I was wondering why my guy best friend have not send me any messages to warn me about what he have planned for my birthday. But as expected he send me a message. Ok! He hasn’t forgot. At nught at about 11.15 or something I told him I am going to sleep. He said ok. But I was suspicious. Because he has many funny pictures and videos of mine. As said I put my phone down and went to sleep. But correctle at 11.58 pm I opened my eyes and took my phone. I just started scrolling through my whatsapp. At 12am. I gto so many messages wishing. So many put embarrassing stories about me. But it was fun. I replied back to some of them. And went back to sleep.

At morning also I was replying to everyone who have wished me. And I as tired. My parents and siblings wished me. After that I cleaned my house and sat for my classes. I had so many work to do today. I was so tired too. For lunch mother made chicken biriyani as my birthday special. Thankyou mom, love you😚. After that I hanged with my family for sometime. My mother have made a cake for me. My brother gave me birthday gift.

Love you bro😚.

That’s all happened today. Due to lockdown my friends can’t come over. I am sad about that. But they all have send me precious blessings and love through messages. So I am fine with that.

And. Happy Birthday to me😆🎂🍰.

If anyone is having birthday today. Happy Birthday to you.

Love you guys so much❤

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