“Love is the greatest motivation of life”. I learned this quote when I was at 9th grade. But at that time i really didn’t understand what it really means. I do understand the meaning. But what was the inner meaning of that. May he i wasn’t matured enough to know about that. Or i was too busy to think of such things when i was running after some non existing things. I am dping that now too. But today when i in this present i started to realise what everything really means. Before i was not able to understand what the most famous quotes stands for. But now, when i can easily understand what all those quotes meant it is really changing my life.

As for love, the sentence i mentioned above, that was the first one i learned about love. Now i understand the meaning. That love is something that motivates you to be what you are. I always thought aprreciating someone is the thing that will make them confidence. But it is not. Love makes you do that even better than appreciation. When you love someone, the love for that person from you will make him/her more confidence and happy.

One day my friend posted a video with a love quote. It says “love is something that will make you wanna live”. And that’s true. When looking around we can find difderent type of definition for love. For me love is “sacrifising your favourite things to make them happy”. If you are able to do that you’re greatly in love with that person. If you love someone so much you will try to put aside every bad things about them.

For me if i love someone even if it’s my lover or friends or relatives, i am always ready to make them happy. I feel like i want to. I feel so happy when they ask help. When they do so i feel like i am important to them. I want to be that kind of person whom everyone will come to seek help. I love helping others. Especially someone i love.

Also one thing we have to learn is to love everyone. Don’t show any discrimination towards other people. There are so many poor people who really want to be loved. When love beung the greatest motivation, we are lacking that. Everyone are in rush for money and other things. Nobody really know how to love others. No one trust each other. All they want is money. They think they will be happy with that degradable piece of paper. But no one can be happy without being loved by others even if they are the wealthiest family ever.

So love everyone. Love your enemies. The strongest weapon is love. We can defeat anyone with love. If it is true, that enemy will be your best friend the very next day. So let’s take a vow together that we will love everyone in this world. True love can make anything work.

An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart….

And that’s true. If love was able to destroy the curse and woke Aurora up from her deep sleep, it can do whatever we want. Love is everything. Love and be loved.

Love you guys so much❤

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