When i tell everyone that my major is maths, they make a weird face. It’s not like i am studying something wrong. In our college maths students are more than others. That means there are lot of people who love maths. Everyone think maths is so hard, so much problems, hard to understand. If you approach maths with this kind of view you won’t be able to understand it ever in your life. But if you understand the real concept, maths will be the easiest subject. That is true.

The reason why i choose it is i didn’ find any other subject more interesting. When all other subjects just give a straight answer or a fixed idea, maths provide a numerous way to get to the answer. There is no limitations. When i learn about derivatives and integrals in higher secondary my interest to learn maths began to grow even faster. Whenever i raised my hands after doing a problem while others can’t, it made me proud. When maths became the only reason that i got full A+ in 10th exam, i was fascinated. When every other subjects try to pull me back from getting top, my interest in maths made me unique. Without my own knowledge maths was becoming a part of my life. Whatever happens maths won’t let me down, i feel like that. I even have fought with others to say maths is really the heart beat of earth.

Slowly i realised, everything i see have maths in it. Maths made me proud. Doing problems made me happy. Teaching others maths made me satisfied. Whenever i was able to do a difficult problem by my own i was so proud myself. These all are the reasons why i choose maths. So i can tell everyone i didn’t choose maths just because i got good marks or because i am a bookworm. The only reason is i simply love it. Whether it is going to fail me or anything doing maths will always be one of my favourite things to do.

I am not bragging about maths. I am saying this to you guys to choose everything wisely. When you have so many choices, select one which is apt for you. There must be a good reason why you chose thay option. Don’t regret about that later.

Love you guys so much❤

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