There was a time where i was so eager to become astronaut just to see the space and our Earth from outer space. Each grades when i learn more things about space, planets, comets, stars, galaxy, etc. my interest to go visit the space was increaing every time. I know it will take a big deal of hard work and other stuff like talent in physics. So it will make my little dream unfulfilled. But exploring about that was so exciting even now.

I have dreamt times seeing earth from a big height. Especially the oceans. The storm over it. The waves and all. The meeting point of two oceans. That was so cool. It will be way more cooler if i can do that in real life. And after that i will fly to the space.

When i was in 10th we’ve visited a planetorium. That the best experience ever. I really felt like i am in a spaceship. Saw comets and stars passing by. AWESOME!! From that day onwards my greed to see space increased. When i learn new stuff about space i will google that to see how it really looks. Last year i have learn about astrophysics. The part about black hole and the curiosity to learn about what is inside it made me sleepless for nights. It says even light can’t escape from the pull of gravity from black hole.

Once you go into it you will become the part of it. My crazy crackhead urges me to go near it. If noone block me i would go. Can’t tell! I want to see earth just like Scarlett Johansson in the movie Lucy of 2014 does. The earth, the planets an our entire galaxy, milkyway.

I wish atleast i will get a high power telecsope to explore space. That will be a great gift. I am not a physics student. I only know a little about these things just because i have learnt something about it. But space will always remain one of my favourite place to go.

Love you guys so much❤

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