Not a love expert actually. But i have helped so many couples to unite. And also one thing. You should guess that! So considering all of these things may be i know what it is like to fall for others. Not so much. Some i felt.

1. Obviously you always think of them: like if you have a crush on someone you will always think of them. Its natural. You start to dream about them.

2. You will get jealous if he/she is talking with his/her guy or girl friend: feeling jealous about that is not bad. Itbis because you love them so much and is overprotective about them.

3. You will get nervous while you are near them: that happens. You may start sweating, blushing, or stamber when you are near them or talking to them. You are also likely to have increased heart beat.

4. Stalking on them: if i was into someone inwill definitely stalk them however i can. In social medias or with friends or directly following them. I don’t know why we do that. But if we are doing that we are into them.

5. Smile without even knowing: if you like someone just the sight of them will make you happy.

If you have these feelings or do these things while meeting someone. Dude! You love that person. Just let it out. Let them know what you feel. It’s definitely not a bad thing to confess one’s feelings.

Love you guys so much❤

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