This is not going to be that interesting for boys, atleast some. Because it’s morenlike a girl top. So to all of my girlfriends out there check this out.

As a girl i really have missed and is restricted to do some stuffs. The main thing is everything that comes in that category is what i like to do the most. Also as Indian it’s like too bad. I always feel like if i was in another place i may get more freedom than here. And here are some things that i can’t do just because i am a girl.

1. To go out at night. This must probably the wish or dream of every girl in the world to go outside at night alone. But we can’t because outside world is not safe for us at night.

2. To be equal as man. There are indeed many rights and laws for woman. I agree. But if the whole point is men women equality what is need for that rules and regulations. They only show women are weaklings. The law to be published is let woman have the same right as men.

3. This is the one i most hate. I will explain it with am example. So if a family is having dinner together. One of the males wanted something. So for that the female over there will stop her meal in between to get him that. Why can’t he just get up and get it by himself?

4. Can’t hang out with friends. I see my guyfriends, brothers and everyone going out for a ride without even asking parents. They hang out with their friends. They will stay wherever they like to. But when i ask my parents to hang with my friends there are a number of advice and everything. I know they are concerned about our safety. But is it gonna end if girls stay at home?

5. I don’t think it’s for everywhere. But here we girls can’t select our life partner. They will just let us marry someone who we just met 4 or 5 months ago. We can’t have a love of our life. Is there any logic with that? Don’t talk to strangers they say, but they will marry their daughter to a stranger.

There are many things like this. If any one of the girls are reading this and have felt the same let me know. Don’t be angry with me. These are just my thoughts and feelings.

Love you guys so much❤

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