This is for everyone who are reading. I have talked about this topic before but i want to talk about this separately. Because i want to add so many this things to that. Feeling insecure about our body, that happens. We wish i could be little more taller, may be little more shorter, i wish i was prettier. Everyone may have that feelings. First i will tell why we feel like that and then what we have to do to stop feeling like that. All of these are not my ideas. I want to be honest with you guys that everything i say or add in blogs are not mine. Some of them are. Most of them are from like books, google, or other sources. The thing is i only add things that felt good for me or inspired me. So let’s move on.

The why we feel insecure our body is mainly we compare them. Trust me guys, comparing yourself with others is the worst thing ever. This adds to every category. Even if we are talking about scoring marks if we compare our marks to others, you only feel more down. That’s not good. When we are scrolling through social medias we see the pictures of beautiful girls or handsome boys and wish to be like them. We compare ourself with them. And there we start to insecure. Next reason is looking down on yourself. “I am not good. I have anything to impress others………” these thoughts only decrease your confidence. You may have so many insecurities like face, body weight, body hair, height, skin tone etc. May be doing these helps you to overcome a little from being insecure about your body.

First of all, please don’t compare yourself with others. There are other people who wish to be like you. That’s true. If you are using a social media and see a beautiful gurlSecond, trust yourself. You are more beautiful than you think. Build uo your confidence. It can even take you to Miss World competition. Because it is not based on beauty. Confidence matters there. Thirdly, make your insecurities increase your confidence. When you face your fears it will give you more energy. There are also many other things that you can do to feel better. But these are some that i found more helpful for me. And finally don’t let anyone’s comment affect you. They may say you are bad or you don’t look good, just think that they are saying because they are jealous of you. Take their bad words as compliment. Reply them with a smile. If it was me i may leave a mean comment “thankyou, i was trying to be like you today”. I know it is a bit rude. But if it makes you feel better……..

As i said. You are so beautiful. You’re very beautiful than you think. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. So you don’t have to feel insecure about your body. Love your body. Love yourself.

Love you guys so much❤


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