Guys i can’t believe that we hit 50 followers now. When i started blogging i never exoected a single followers. I thought i will get a follower just after a week or so. But smashing up my thoughts some of you followed me. Each time when i open my blog and see a like, or a follow or a commebt its like eating my favourite food. May be more than that. Like winning an award or something.

Y’all can tell its just 50, why are you so happy? It is because i was not expecting that. I just can’t believe that 50 of you guys love to read what i write. I know it is not that easy for me to get this much followers like i make friends. I prefer to speak more. And i really don’t know to impress others by writing. But you guys proved me wrong.

You guys have no idea how much y’all meant to me. I love you all. I appreciate you all. I am writing this blog just to thankyou all. When i think about it, oh my god, my blog is read by 50 people whom i have never ever met. Butterflies!! 😂. I am going crazy. Tears is filling up in my eyes.

I am screaming. I got a half century! I didn’t know to show my gratitude like this. I think its not enough by showing it through these words. Because i am not a poet or a professional writer to thank in a poetic or heart touching words. I really want to hug you all. Thankyou for conibg to my life. You guys made my days even more interestibmng. How sad i am when i came here for you guys i am happy. When i started blogging it had eventually turned to my happy place and now it is my favourite place to go. My secret area to open up my mind. Because i have a big family to cheer me up. I am once again thanking you all from the bottom of my heart.😘

Love you guys so much❤

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