To have a healthy life working out is also important as eating good food and staying mentally fit. Today i am going to share some exercises which helps you to stay fit. Also these are some that helped me. As i like to dance i have to make sure my body is in good shape so i won’t hurt myself while dancing. Also all of these exercise may not work for you completely. The main thing is find the best one for you and do your best.

Before starting, even if it is working out or dancing or anything make sure you have stretched. Stretching is very important when you are involved in body activities. If not you are more likely to get fracture. So stretch before working out. Make sure your body is warmed. Be in a workout clothes. Don’t work out in a comfy clothes. Also keep a bottle of water. Now let’s start.

The one i always start with is simple running, knee touch and butt touch. This is easy as you can see. Also you can skipping rope for this.

You can keep a cycle for this. I do each of these in 3 cycles of 20. Running and jumping is very good for your body to increase stamina.

Next one is squats. Most of us find it’s difficult at first. It does make your thighs sore fast. So what i did was like this. I started by 5 sqauts first. When i was comfortable with that i increased the number as 10, 15, 20.. Now it is 3 cycles each with 20.

When you arw good with squats, you can start with squat and jump. It is a little bit difficult than squats. But as you keep practising it will be fine. Squats is good for your legs, butts and waist. It can heats up calories and body fat. Your lower body will be strengthen with thus exercise. Also it can improve your athletical skills.

Then next one is mountain climbers. When i do this i can really feel my arms and my legs burning. That means it is really helpful for your limbs. As your full body weight controlled on your limbs mountain climbers is good for your hands and legs. Also for your spin.

These are also good for your heart and also good for joints.

The next one is crunches. This is very good for your abdomen. There are different types of crunches. I personally do the bicycle crunches which helps my legs and my back bone feel fit.

These all are the works out that do. Also i don’t do these ebery single day. I only workout like twice or thrice in a week. Also i always dance around so that also add as a little workout.

Let me tell you one thing you don’t have to do these to make yourself look good. You are beautiful the way you are. These all are some stuffs that keeps you healthy. So find the rigjt one for you. And let me know if any of my routine worked for you. Stay healthy.

Love you guys so much❤

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