This is like a thing that everyone told you. And i think i should be like that because we don’t know exactly what other people suffers. Whenever i see a youtube video or social medias or just taking a peek outside i see a lot of things that i really wished i have. I even have prayed to god to give me that kind of blessings in my life. I have cried for that. I sometimes even felt jealous of others. Because they have things that i don’t. I went crazy. But later i think i became a little matured enough to work it out. Everyone’s life is not the same.

i began to think when i want, for example, a car. I told my parents. They said no. I got angry of that. At that point i think i am selfish there. Or i am greedy. Because when i think about people who doesn’t even have enough money to buy food or clothes or even can’t have their essential educations, i am fighting with my parents to buy a car is my greed. I am blessed with a well maintained family which can fed me as much as i want. And if i am asking for more that’s not good. It will be like you go to a hotel. But you didn’t take your wallet. The kind waiter gives the permission to eat free that they offer. But if you ask them to give a big expensive pizza, that’s too much.

When i look, others their parents are not at all strict or anything. But my parents are little strict. But when i see other parents who won’t even let their daughter to speak to boys, and when they are considering their daughter as a burden and try to marry her off in a little age without conpleting her studies, i can proudly say i got the best parents in the world. Thankyou!!

So all i have to say is be grateful for what you have got. Because there are so many people who don’t habe what we have. You can think by looking at others, they have a perfect life and they can have everything they want but you can’t. If you are one of them, dears, please stop doing that. Please, don’t compare your life with others. Everyone will have problems in their life. We should thank that we have got this much. Blessings will come to those who waits, right? So stop complaining and be thankful.

Love you guys so much❤

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