Helping others is one of the best way to get other’s respect and trust. Even if we are not getting anything in return, we still feel satisfied.

I feel so happy when other people come to me for help. When they do that i can proudly say they trust me, they believe me. They believe that i will be able to solve their problems. I will always help others no matter what. Even if they are mean to me, i will help them. If i don’t do that, i feel like i have done something wrong. Also helping others can wipe away yout faults one by one.

When one come before us asking something spread out your hands of god and help them as you can. They will remember you for their whole life. Even if they forget us, we will have a great hapoiness in our mind. “It is because of me, he was able to do that”, this thought can change your day. Help others. Never exoect anything.

If we help others, god will help us.

Before leaving i want to say sorry because i was not able to post yesterday. I had a very busy day yesterday so i didn’t got enough time to write new blog. Hope you guys will understand.😊

Love you guys so much❤


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