Hey guys. Today i am going to share some tips and tricks to overcome stage fear. Before moving to the tips let me give you a little start. If it was possible we will try to avoid standing before a crowd. If we are doing that we can say it’s stage fear.

If you are insecure about yourself. If you are not confident about yourself you may feel afraid to stand before a crowd. When you care about what other people think you feel lesa confidence. For me this is the main reason why we have stage fear. If you are called to a stage to sing a song or speak for some time, all the thoughts like “what are they going to think? What if i make a mistake?” will be passing through our mind.

So here are some tips to overcome stage fear:


It is true that practise make everything perfect. Like that if you practise standing before crowd for many times, eventually you will be cool with that. Start with your family, then friends, relatives, class etc. Beginning like that before a small crowd and as times go you will able to deliver a big speech before a big crowd.


If you are wearing your favourite dress and you think you look good at it, you habe passed a level to overcome stage fear. Everytime i wear something that makes me look good i am so confident and i feel like i want to stand before a crowd just to show off.


If you are going to deliver a speech or going to dance or sing a song, make sure you have learned that perfectly. If you are prepared for what you are assigned for nothing can stop you.


Always start with smiling and greeting. Everyone will feel so nervous to look at your audience. But one thing you have to know is you should look at everyone who is sitting before you. This will make others think that you are well prepared and you are so confidence. Also when you are looking at the audience you can see faces who are eagerly waiting for your performance. Their eager to see you perform will turn to your confidence.


Don’t get nervous. If you nervous you may trumble your words. So before starting take deep breathe. Also try to keep your breathing straight mainly if you are hloding a mike.


When you start talking please don’t rush. Keep a steady pace while talking. You can take as much time as you want. Rushing will make your speech not clear.

These are some tips which can help you overcome stage fear. From all mentioned above the main point to keep in mind is practise. Also you have to know that stage fear is normal. Everyone have that. Try to overcome it. Fight your fears.

Love you guys so much❤

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