Do you ever felt like if you can talk to someone about something? Probably. When you feel sad or stress you always want to talk that to somebody. But the problem is to whom you should talk. I am that kind of person who always want someone to talk to about my worries and sadness. And i have found the most eligible person. Even though that person not really do anything to comfort me, i feel so free after a talk with him. If i am sad or happy or in any mood i talk to him. I do that because i am not expecting anything from him, it is because i trust him. Even if he is not doing anything about it, i know he understands me.

So what i have to say to you guys is find a person, even if it is your parents or friends or relatives or your loved ones. Opening to your loved ones will help to reduce your stress, sadness and everything. Also increase your happiness. So open up to someone about your emotions.

Love you guys so much❤

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