“37?”….”Present ma’am”, “38?”….”Present ma’am”, “39?……”. “39?… She is late again, isn’t she?” the teacher called out. “What is she doing? Oh my god!! Grace, you better be fast”. Rowan whispered to James. “She must be in the woods. When will she learn?” James layed on the desk. “ROWAN!! She is your best friend, right? Don’t you know where Grace is?” teacher asked furiously. “Ma’am, that’s. She might…”. “Present ma’am”, Grace shouted standing by the door of their classroom. “Sorry, I’m a little late”. “A little? Grace, take this as your last warning. If you are late again, you will be out of the school. Now get inside”!! “Thankyou ma’am”. She ran to the seat near Rowan and James. “Where the hell was you, Grace?” Rowan shouted, “Will you ever be in time to class? Did you still searched the wood girl? C’mon, you have to understand”. “No, it’s not that”, Grace replied, “but look what I got”, she pulled out a book and showed it to Rowan and James. “Look, this is the newest edition of Vampire Diaries. I saw this in the bookstall this morning”. “Is that what made you late? How can that be possible?” James asked. “No, it only took me minutes to find this. But I kept on reading it. Didn’t notice I was late”. Grace smiled. “Don’t worry you’ll know when ypu are expelled from here”. “WHAT IS THAT FUSS OVER THERE?” the teacher yelled. “LISTEN HERE OR GO OUT”.

The bell rang. “Phew! Why is Mrs. Brooke so angry today?”, Grace asked. “Don’t make me say that Grace. She was doing good before taking attendence”. Rowan said. “Oops!!” Grace laughed. “Oh!! What that noise? Wait, is that the Bill guy?”. “Yes, it is”. “What he is upto today?”. Grace scratched her head. “Don’t worry, my dear. You will love this. More than anybody else”. Bill said. “Why? Are you leaving the school?” Laughter. “No, something interesting than that. We are here to invite all of you to the drama presentation”. Bill said proudly. “Well, we are having one already”. Rowam said laughing crookedly. “Where?” Bill asked. “Right in front of us”, James said and they all laughed. “Shut up. Grace dear, listen. You are gonna love this. That’s why I am inviting you first”. Bill said to Grace. “Me, why me?” “Cause, this drama is about Vampires!” Bill said. “REALLY!!” Grace’s eyes opened wide. “Here we go again” James told Rowan. “I wanna see that. When is it hosting?” Grace asked. “Today evening sharp at 5. Are you coming?” Bill asked. “Yes, I am in”. Grace said happily. “No you’re not”, Rowan said. “Why?” “Girl, we are going for shopping today. Don’t you know that? Did you forgot already?” “Oh! We can go another day. Please Rowan, pleeeaaaasseee!!” “Okay fine”, Rowam turned to Bill, “you are gonna pay for this, Bill. Wait and see”. Bill gulped. “Okay, see you at 5. Bye guys”. Bill ran out.

“I am going to enjoy this. Oh yeaa!!” Grace danced. “How can we stop her craze in vampires, James? Why are you standing like that? You better had tried to make her fal for you. You moron, good for nothin” Rowan said. “I don’t think that will be possible. She is hard to get. She only want vampires. If she was not into vampires, she would have been Bill’s girlfriend”. “What are you guys mumbling? Can you two walk fast. You walk like old gramma”, Grace shouted. They reached before the auditorium. “There they are”, Bill said. “C’mon in. So Grace. Do you like the settings?” “Not bad. I didn’t know you are this smart”, Grace said.

“Grace, do you wanna know where you can see actual vampires?” Harry called out. Everyone looked at him suddenly. “Yes” Grace asked. “I know where”. “Harry, please no. She is already late everyday. What are you upto?” “Harry please no”. “Please don’t tell her Harry”. Everybody said. “Tell me where it is?” Grace said. “Grace, are you crazy? Do you believe there are actual vampires? Stop your nonsense”, Rowan got angry. “I don’t know if they are real. But there is nothing to lose if I search for them”, Grace replied and turned to Harry, “tell me where should I go”. “It’s in the far end of the dark forest”. “But I have gone there a hundred time”, Grace said impatiently. “I know that. But have you ever gone past the danger symbol. Why do you think that symbol is over there?”, Harry asked. Grace didn’t move for a minute. “He is true. I have been there many times but I haven’t gone past that symbol”. “You believe that, Grace?” James asked. “I don’t care if it true or false. But I know I have missed that spot. And today I am going to search that part. Bye guys. See y’all tomorrow”. Grace ran out with her bag. “Harry, what have you done? You lost my best viewer”, Bill said. “Grace, please don’t go. It’s dangerous”, Rowan yelled. “I am gonna be fine”.

Grace reaced her bike and rode it. She stopped at the entrance of the dark forest. She parked her bike and took her bag from the basket. She slowly walked into the forest. She walked and walked and after walking like 30 minutes and so she saw the triangle shaped board with danger sign on it. She looked around. “So this is it. Lets go Grace”. She stared into the forest.

To be continued……

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