She stared into the forest. “Here we go”. She started walking slowly. “It doesnot have.any difference. Why is it the danger zone? So, may be….. Like Harry said….. There may be vampires…. Oh yes”!! Grace increased her pace. Suddenly she heard a noise from behind. “Oh my!! What the hell was that?….. Oh! Silly me. It’s just a squirrel. Hey there, little guy. Trying to scare me?” she smiled and turned. “What are you doing in the dark forest all alone at this time?”, she heard a voice from behind. Grace startled. She slowly turned back. There she saw a man staring at her. “Well, why are you here?” Grace asked pretending she was not scared. “What do you mean?” the man asked. “If you can be in this woods alone. Why can’t I? I am here to see vampires. I will leave after seeing one”. “Vampires? Who told you that there are vampires here?” the man asked surprisingly. “So, is that true? Are there really vampires?” Grace asked impatiently. The man didn’t say a word. “You think I’m stupid, right?” Grace asked disappointly. “I don’t understand. Whenever others say there are no real vampires, I didn’t believe them. May be they are right. But why my heart says to look for them?” Grace looked down disappointly. The man kept his silence. “I should go back, right? Even you who have been here for long couldn’t findnine, how can I? I should go. I should stop this”. Grace walked a little. “Will I be able to find one if I stay here till morning? Huh?… No?” she turned and ask. Seeing the man standing like that she turned back amd started walking away.

“May be I can help you find one”, he finally spoke. Grace turned happily, “You will? Thabkyou so much. Do you think there are acutal vampires here?” she asked. “I think so. I am also here to find one”, he replied. “Cool!! I think we have the same craze. Come let’s go”. She walked in front. There he stand back. He smiled and his vampire teeth came down shining and his eyes flashed red.

“What are you waiting for? Come quick”, she said. The man came forward. They walked together. “Oh, I just realised. We haven’t introduced ourselves. I am Grace and I’m a highschool student. What’s your name?” she asked. “I am Roy”. He said. “What are you doing? Are you a student?” she asked. “Yes”. “Where? In college?” “Yes”. “Which college?” “Southern”. “What is your major? How old are you? Hey, when did your vampire love started?” “Hey, can you keep quiet?” “Oh! Sorry. I can’t control talking when I am excited. Acutally I got this from my mother. She always talk like this and one day….”. He stopped and looked at Grace. “Ok, silence. Got it”. “He is so boring” she whispered. “I heard you”. “Sorry”.

They walked about like 1 hour. “I am getting bored. Uuuurrrgghhh”. Grace started mourning. “Then why did you started the trip?” he asked. “I didn’t know I will a boring guy like you”. He stopped and looked at her. “That came out bad”, she said. “You better keep quiet”. “Alright, are we there yet?”. “Pssshhhh!!”. “What happened?” she whispered. “Oh, isn’t that a house? Is that where vampires live?” she asked. “Yes” Roy replied amd walked forward. “Hey how did you know?” she asked running behing him. “Vampires always knownwhere they live, ok?” Roy said. “Oh!”. There was a silence. “Wait. What?” she was stunned. She stared at him.

Roy looked straight to the house and Grace kept her eyes fixed on Roy.

To be continued…..

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