Roy looked straight to the house ankd Grace kept her eyes fixed on Roy.

“Think I should go now, bye Roy”, Grace tried to run, but Roy caught her by hand. “Where’d you think you are going?” he asked with a wicked smile. “Um…….. Look. I know you want to drink my blood. But listen. I’m so thin. You can see that. I won’t have enough blood to sarisfy you. Please let me go”, she said in fake crying sound. “You are so cunning but it won’t go here. Come with me. Don’t you wanna see vampire?” he dragged her to the house. “Well I saw one now. Can I go home now?” “No!” “Oh no!”.

Roy pushed her into the house. It was a big house with royal touch. Big decoration lamp was hang at the centrenofnthe great big hall. “Oh my!!” Grace was surprised. “Do vampires live in a place like this? Unbelievable! You are alone here?” “Yes, what? Wanna give me a company?” Roy asked. “Huh? No thankyou. Can I go home now?” she asked scarily. “Not so soon”. She saw him walking towards her slowly.

Grace walked backward and was blocked by the wall. Roy stood in front of her and brought his face close to hers. “You are so brave to come here alone. And you was able to take away my heart. I haven’t drink human blood for a long time. Think I can now, right?” Grace’s eyes balled in fear. “But looking at you, I feel like I don’t wanna hurt you. Hm…. It’s ok. I will let you go today. But I will soon find you and oneday you will give me your blood willingly. I’ll see you tomorrow and day after that and after that and so on. Wanna my company to go back? Grace?” he stopped. “No”, Grace ran out as fast as she can. Roy looked at her running from behind and smiled. “I am gonna keep you as my own Grace. See you soon”.

Grace ran and ran. She saw the danger sign on side. She didn’t stop. She ran and reached the road. It was getting way more darker. “Oooff!! That was close. Let’s get out of here”, she took her bike and puddled away. She reached her home.

“Where were you girl?” her mother asked. “Nothing mum”, she replied. “Alwaysnthe same. When are you gonna change? What was it today? Did younfnd your vampire boyfriend?” “MUM!! Stop with the vampire” Grace yelled. Her mother was shocked. “What? Is it really you?” she laughed. Grace stared at her mother angrily. “Fine, drink your milk and go to sleep”, she passed a cup of milk to Grace. She drank it at once and went upstairs.

“Oh! I wish it was just a dream. Why was I scared? At least he was cute and handsome. What if he come for me? OH MY GOD!! Ok I need to sleep now. I don’t wanna see any nightmare”, she closed her eyes praying.

Next morning she woke up with a scream. “What happenend sweetie?” her mother came running and asked. “I had a dream of a vampire sucking my blood. Oh my god, that was scary!” she said panting. “You. Got. Scared. By a vampire dream. I don’t believe you Grace. You always wanted to dream about them since you were 7. What happened suddenly?” Grace hold her head on her hand for a minute amd got out off the bed. “Wash your face and come down” her mother left. “This is bad”, Grace walked to her bathroom.

“Grace, aren’t you ready yet? Come down quickly. You are going to be late”, her mother called from downstairs. Grace came down slowly. “Stop acting like a sloth. Make it quick. You’re teacher called me yesterday. She said you were late yesterday and was late everyday. She said she will expel you if you don’t come early. Don’t make me find another school for you. Here eat your breakfast”. Grace ate it and went school. She rode her bike along the street. “Grace, there’s a new vampire story book out. Check that out”, the shopkeeper called out from the bookstall. “I don’t want that anymore” Grace said.

She reached her school. Her friends group was waiting for her on the gate. “So, did you see the vampire?” Rowan asked. Grace didn’t say a word. “Hello, I am talking to you”, Rowan yelled. “Leave me alone, Rowan”, Grace went straight to the classroom. “What happenend to her?” “May be she didn’t find the vampire”. “Harry, this is your fault”. “What?” Her friends followed Grace to the classroom.

Grace sat on her seat in the classroom. Her friends came in and sat by her side.

To be continued…..

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