Grace sat on her seat in the classroom. Her friends came in and sat by her side.

“What happened Grace? Why you look so gloomy?” James asked. “Nothing”, Grace replied. “We told you there are no real vampires? We hate you see you like this Grace. Harry! You should say sorry to her”, Rowan pushed Harry towards Grace. “There’s no need for that. Just leave me alone for sometime”, Grace laid on the desk. The bell rang.

“Good morning students. Today I have an exciting news for you all. Let me introduce your new physical education tutor, Mr. Roy”, the teacher said. “ROY!!” Grace raised her head from the desk. “It’s better not be him, please”. “Come in Mr. Roy”. Teacher said. “Oh no!” Grace was shocked to see the man whom she saw last day. Roy came inside and looked straight at Grace. “Mr. Roy, this our senior students. They all seems loving” teacher said. “Yeah, I can see that”. He said looking at Grace. The teacher looked Grace too. “The girl you are looking at right now is the brightest student of the class. But she got one problem…” teacher stopped. “and that is…” Roy asked. “she is a late comer. Always late. And we can’t expel her out just because she is good at academic purposes. I think in my memory this is the first time she is in time for class”. “don’t worry ma’am. She won’t be late anymore. I will look after her”, Roy said. Grace looked at him scarily. “okay, Mr. Roy. Let’s go to other classes”. “alright”. They left. Roy looked at Grace before stepping out of the class.

“okay, our girl got a personal tutor to look after her. Let’s hope she won’t be late for classes anymore”, Rowan said. Everyone laughed and Grace was screaming inside. “this is not good. I am done. I should change school. I am scared”, Grace cried inside. “are you OK grace? Why are you sweating like this?” Rowan asked. “I am fine. I am fine. I will be back”, Grace ran out. “where are you going?” Rowan asked but Grace didn’t reply.

Grace ran towards the toilet. Suddenly someone pulled her to a small alley. “are you running away from me Grace?” It was Roy. “let me go”, Grace tried to shake off his hands but he was too strong. “I will leave after you listen to me”. Grace looked at him. “don’t try to say the truth to anyone. Not even your friends. Understand? My aim is only you. Don’t make others suffer for that. I hope you understand. Am i clear?” Grace nodded. “good girl”, Roy patted her in her head adorably. “now let me tell you why exactly I am here. Obviously I am here for you”. “why? Why are you here for me?” Grace asked. “um….. Because I love you. Simple”, Roy smiled. Grace gulped. “hey, why are you sweating like that?” he took a kerchief out and patted off her sweat. “it’s okay. You can go now”. As soon as she heard that, she ran as fast as she can. She ran straight to the toilet. Shut herself in the bathroom panting. “I am fine. It’s okay. Nothing to worry. You got this. Deep breathe”. She went out pretending like nothing happened. She walked into her class. And sat on her seat. Everyone looked at her awkwardly. “I think there is something wrong with her”, James said.

Bell rang. The teacher came inside. “Students, we have selected some students from our class as assistants for our new physical education tutor”. “assistants? Is there a post like that?” The teacher continued, “following are the list of the three students selected. Stand up as I call your names. Rowan!” “what? Me?” Rowan said as she stood up. “James!” James stood up. “hey, guess whose name is gonna come next”. Rowan and James looked at Grace. “Grace!” “that’s right”. Rowan and James did a fist. “what the heck do wrong with him?” Grace slowly stood up. “three of you, go to Mr. Roy, now”, teacher said. “yes ma’am”, Rowan and James said. “c’mon Grace. Let’s go!” They go out of the class and walked to the physical education classroom. “why he selected the exact three of us? He is too kind. Right, James?” Rowan asked. “yes he is”. “Grace, what are you thinking? Come fast”.

Grace slowly followed her friends. They got into the classroom. There was Roy sitting on the chair. “morning, sir”. “Rowan and James said. “very good morning”. He looked at Grace. She tried to ignore him.

“you three are going to be my assistants. You will be providing with extra marks for that. Aren’t you happy?” Roy asked. “thank you sir”, Rowan and James said happily.

“you can’t make my friends trust you. They are my friends and I will protect them. You better stay away from them. I know why you selected them too. But that is not going to work Roy”, Grace said in her mind as she stared at Roy.

To be continued…..

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