But that is not going to work Roy”, Grace said in her mind as she stared at Roy.

Roy looked at Grace and smiled. “Rowan, can you please go to the staffroom and get the names of all students in sports?” Roy asked. “yes sir” Rowan said. “can I go with her?” Grace asked. “no. Rowan, please”. “okay, I will be back soon”. Rowan went out. “and James. Please get the sports leader for me”. “okay sir”. “can I go with him at least? ” Grace asked again. “no”. James went out too.

“you are trying your best to save your friends. You can do that easily. Just be mine. Everything will be OK then”, Roy said smiling. “that won’t work. And I will protect my friends from you”. “look Grace. I don’t wanna hurt you. And I won’t hurt you. But I won’t stop following you until you fall for me”. “what do you want from me?” “you. You are the one I want. Give me that”. Grace became angry. She went out off the room furiously. “I will make you mine”. Roy said.

“Grace, why are you standing outside? Come in”, Rowan pushed her in. “here you go sir”, Rowan passed the list to Roy. “thank you Rowan”. Roy looked through the list. “is that it? Can we go back now? ” Grace asked. “why the hurry?” Roy asked. “sir, the sports leader is here”, James came into the room with a boy. “thank you James”. “I am going out”. Grace said. “where?” Roy asked. “I wanna use the washroom”. “okay, get back soon”. “no, I won’t”. Grace went out. “sorry about her sir, she is like that sometime. She acting strange today. We don’t know what happened”, James said. “it’s okay. I understand. You guys can go back to your class now”. Roy said. “okay sir”. They went out.

“Grace, what’s wrong with you today? Why are you behaving like this? You even misbehaved to our tutor. What’s the matter?” Rowan asked as she ran towards Grace. “nothing”, Grace said angrily. “that won’t do Grace. You have to say what is the matter. You are not leaving without telling us that. We are your best friends, right? Then why can’t you tell us what happened?” Rowan grabbed Grace’s hand. “tell us now”. “it’s… You won’t believe me….that is”.

“Grace! Can you come with me for a sec?” Roy called out from behind. “what’s his problem?” Grace walked towards him. “what?” she asked angrily. “I will tell you. You guys can go back”, Roy told Rowan and James. “come with me”, Roy grabbed Grace’s hand and pulled her. “why should I listen to you? I am not going anywhere with you. Leave me”. “you will come with me”, Roy dragged her to the classroom and closed the door. “now listen, Grace. I have told you this morning not to tell anyone about me. If you did that it is not going to do good to your own friends”. “what wrong with you? What should I do to stop you doing these?” Grace asked furiously. “don’t think I am weak Roy. It’s only because you have drawn my friends into this. Otherwise….” Grace’s face turned red out off anger. “otherwise what? You are not gonna anything to me. I have already said I am not going to hurt you or your friends. I just want you to be my girlfriend” Roy said. “that is not going to happen. Ever!” Grace said.

“I am not joking Grace. I’ve been serious. Nobody had ever came into my life like that. But you came. You came in search of me. That was the first time I felt special. And I don’t want to lose you”, Roy said. Grace didn’t say a word. She turned to go out. “why are you running away from me? I need an answer an answer for that. Tell me” Roy shouted. Grace turned back quickly. She stared right at his eyes. “because I am scared. That’s why I am running from you. Please leave me”, Grace quickly walked out. “I won’t leave you”. Roy shouted. Grace closed her ears tight and ran away.

The evening bell rang. Grace didn’t wait for anyone. She quickly took her bike and went to home.

To be continued……

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