The evening bell rang. Grace didn’t wait for anyone. She quickly took her bike and went to home. “you home sweetie? You want milk?” her mother asked. “no” she went upstairs. She sat on her chair and grabbed a book from her bag. It was the Vampire Diaries she bought last day. She looked at the cover page. Instead of the male character she saw Roy. “OMG!! ” she threw it to her bed. She went into the bathroom. She looked at the mirror. She washed her face and again looked at the mirror. There stood Roy. “I don’t wanna lose you. I love you Grace. Please be mine”, he said. Grace suddenly turned back. There was no one. She looked at the mirror. She only saw her reflection. “what’s going on? Why am I seeing him?” she scratched her head confused.

She came out of the bathroom. Looked around her room. There was a lot of vampire photos on her walls. When she looked again she saw Roy’s face in every photos. “what’s happening to me? This is not right. Am i falling for him? No no no”, she started to hear his voice.

“because I love you”,”I don’t wanna lose you”, “I will make you mine”, “please be my girlfriend”, Grace covered her ears and ran out of her room to the outside. “I should do something about this”, she said.

“hey Grace, are you thinking about me?” Grace turned around.”I am over here”. Grace looked back. She saw Roy outside the fence. Grace rubbed her eyes at stared him in wonder. “what happened?” Roy asked laughing. “nothing, why are you at my house?” Grace asked. “what you mean? Of course I am here to see you” he said. “get lost Roy. You are not welcome here” she said and walked towards her house. She suddenly stopped and thought something for a second and turned. “are you free tomorrow? I wanna talk to you” she said. “yes I am always free for you my love. Where should I come?” Roy asked happily. “you don’t need to come. I will come to your place. In the dark forest” Grace said. “um….. Alright. I will wait for you at the danger sign”. “okay now you go back”. Grace went back to her home. Roy left.

“I wanna know what is going on with me and only he can do something about it” Grace thought. She went inside to her room. And lied on her bed and closed her eyes. “Grace! Please be mine, I want you. I love you” Roy came to her. “really? You really love me?” “yes, I do”. “then I love you too”. Grace hugged Roy. He pulled out his sharp teeth and bite Grace on her neck. “MUMMY!!” grace woke up screaming. She started to pant.

She ran to her mirror and checked her neck. “Thank God. It was only a dream”. “what happened? Are you alright?” her ran into her room. “it’s okay mum. It was a nightmare”. Grace said. “okay”. Her mother left.

Grace later back and stared at the ceiling.

To be continued…..

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