Grace layed back and stared at the ceiling.

“that was so scary. What if it happen like that?”…”one day you will give your blood to me willingly”, she remembered Roy’s words. “yes, he will drink my blood. I think I really love him. But am scared. What should I do?” she thought. Bang! Bang! “what the heck is that?” she woke up and turned around. The sound was from the window. She slowly walked to the window and moved the curtain.

“Roy? What are you doing here this late?” she asked surprisingly. “open the window” he said. She opened it. “what are you doing here?” she asked. “you told me you want to talk to me. I couldn’t sleep because of that” he said. “why?” she asked. “because I was curious to know what you are going to say. Can you tell that now?” he asked. “no, you just go back now. I don’t want anyone to see you here. Go back to the forest, please. I’ve told you I will come to see you tomorrow. Go now”, she said. “are you being serious? Are sure you won’t tell me that now?” she nodded. “okay, well. I can stay here little longer?” “no, you should go now”. “okay, fine. I am leaving. Bye Grace. I hope what you are going to say tomorrow will make me happy. Good night Grace”, Roy jumped off the roof and left. Grace closed the curtain. She smiled softly. And went to bed. She felt asleep fast.

Next morning. “Grace, wake up. It’s already 9. You shouldn’t sleep like that just because it is weekend. Come on. Get up and come down”, her mother called from downstairs. Grace slowly woke up and yawned. “oh, I should meet Roy today”. She got off the bed and got ready. “mom, I am going out today. I will be back by evening”, she said as she was coming down the stairs. “eat before you go”, mother said. “okay”. Grace quickly finished her breakfast. Gave her mother a hug and left with her bike. “be careful”, her mother called out. “okay”.

Grace rode over the street to the dark forest. She parked her bike and start to walk into the forest. She panted as she walked. “be confident Grace. You are gonna be fine. Nothing is going to happen”, She reached the danger sign. There she saw Roy waiting for her. “oh my God! He look so good today. Shit! Keep your mind straight Grace”. She approached near Roy. “hi”, she said. “hey Grace, c’on. Let’s go to my home”, he said. “um…. No. We can talk here”, she said quickly. “here? Are you sure?” he asked. “yes”. “okay”.

To be continued…..

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