Are you sure?” he asked. “yes”. “okay”.

“what you have to tell me Grace? I have been waiting to hear it from yesterday”, Roy said impatiently. “since I was little I had been searching to find a vampire”, Grace started talking. “even when others made fun of me about that, I didn’t care because my only aim was to find one. As I grow up my craze became crush. I was not even able to find a boyfriend because of that. When the best guy confessed to me I just rejected him right away because I only want was a vampire. But after I found you I didn’t felt the same anymore. All my love that had kept all these years was flown away with that single day. I heard all you saying. I began see you every where. I began to hear your voice everywhere. And I don’t even know if I love you or not anymore”, Grace stopped. Roy just stared at her like that. “and I am scared of you. I make really scared of you. I am scared that you will drink my blood. I am scared I won’t survive if I give you my blood”, Grace’s eyes were filled with tears. “if you ask me if I love you, yes I do. With all my hearts. But I don’t think I will be able to live with you. I am sorry Roy. I was the one who came in search of you. I wish I shouldn’t have done that”. There was a deep silence. Roy didn’t utter a word but just stand still looking at her. “you can tell whatever you want Grace. But my love for you won’t go. But it’s okay. I promise you I won’t come before you anymore. You don’t have to be scared anymore. And please don’t come in search of me anymore. You should forget this part of the jungle” Roy said this much and started walking into the wood.

Grace stand there looking at him walking away. She suddenly kneed down. Tears flowed through her cheeks….

Days passed. Weeks passed. Months passed. Grace is now a college student. Rowan and James still with her. Many things changed. But not Roy. He still remained in her heart like an unforgettable dream. But she hadnot seen him ever since that day.

Ring!! Ring!! The alarm went off. Grace slowly woke up and turned it off. She lazily get off the bed and went to bathroom. After getting ready she went downstairs and had breakfast. “Grace, come out fast. We’d better hurry”, Rowan called from her car. James was also in the car. Grace ran out with her bag. “bye mom, love you”. “love you too Grace”, Grace’s mother said. She got inside the car. “you look good today Grace”, James said. “thankyou”, Grace replied. They reached the college.

Three of them walked to the college. “hey guys”, “hi Grace, looking good”, “goodmorning guys”. “is that Bill?”, Rowan asked. “he is coming this way”, James said. “why can’t we go anywhere without him?” Rowan laughed. “hey Grace”, Bill said. “hi”, Grace said. “can I have a word with you?”, Bill asked. “that’s too much to ask”, Rowan said. “I am not asking you”, Bill said and turned to Grace. “I will be back”, Grace gave her bag to Rowan. Bill and Grace walked away. “oh! I hope Grace will fall for him. She is so silent from that day”. Rowan said. “may be she will. She is not into vampires anymore, right?” James said. “that’s right”.

“Grace, I don’t know if it is right to say. But I have to tell this”, Bill said. “what is it?” Grace asked. “I know you are not very craze about vampires anymore and I think then this is my second chance”. Grace looked at him. “I hope you can be my girlfriend. It is because of you I came to this college. I thought I lost you that time. But I think I have a chance now”, Bill said. “I don’t know what to say Bill”, Grace said. “it’s okay. You don’t have to rush. I’ll wait”, Bill said. Grace went back to Rowan and James. “what did he say?” they asked. “nothing”. Grace said.

They went to the class. Grace was thinking about Roy all the time.

To be continued…..

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