They went to the class. Grace was thinking about Roy all the time. “where are you Roy? It’s getting hard for me. I think I am ready for you. I am ready to give you my blood. But you are not here. You’re not here with me when I want you”.

“Grace, what are you thinking? Aren’t you thinking about Bill?” Rowan asked. “no. I am not thinking about him”, Grace said. “then who are you thinking about?” “no one”.

“students we will not be having class this afternoon”, a teacher came and said. “oh yes” everyone was so happy. Of course.

“I am going for a walk”, Grace said and went out. She walked through the corridors and stopped by the big beautiful fountain. She sat by it’s side. “hey Grace, why are you sitting alone here?” Bill came asking. “nothing”, Grace said. “where are the others?” “in class”. “why are you alone?” “I was just taking a walk”. “oh! Okay. Um…… Would mind if I join you?” he asked. “what if I do?” Grace asked unexpectedly. Bill was shocked. “sorry. You may want to stay alone. Fine. I will leave now”, he walked a little bit and turned back to look at Grace. “is something wrong? Was it because of my confession?” he thought. We walked forward. “oh my god!!” Grace was startler by the sound. “are you trying to kill somebody?” Bill was yelling at someone in a motorbike. Grace suddenly ran to them. “what happened Bill?”she asked. “he tried to hit me”, Bill said. “leave it Bill. Stop fighting”, Grace tried to pull him back. But he didn’t came back. “who are you? Take off your helmet. C’mon. I wanna know who you are”. “let it be Bill. Stop it”, Grace said. Bill didn’t listen. The man in the bike slowly took his helmet off. Grace was shocked. “Roy?”, she said suddenly. “you know him?” Bill asked. Grace was out off speech. She didn’t know what to say. She stared at Roy. Her heart started to beat fast. “Grace, do you known him?” Bill asked again. She didn’t say anything. She ran from there. Bill looked at Roy for a second and went back. Roy stared at Grace running away.

“I didn’t expect that. Roy is back. I don’t know what I feel right now. I feel happy. I feel nervous. I feel shocked”, Grace thought as she was running. She ran into the classroom. She looked much more pleased. “Grace, are you alright?” Rowan asked. “you look more happier than before. What happened?” “it’s nothing”, Grace said. The last bell of the class rang. Every student went out off the classroom. “c’mon. Let’s go”, Rowan said. “you guys can leave. I want to stay here a little longer”, Grace said. “why?” James asked. “I want to see a teacher. You guys leave”. “if we leave, how are you gonna get back home”, Rowan asked. “I’ll get an uber”, Grace said. “okay. Let us know we you are home. Bye Grace”. They left. After making sure she’s and Rowan have left, Grace took her bag and went out. She searched the entire campus. But she didn’t find Roy. “are you looking for me Grace?” Grace turned back happily. But it was Bill. “um….. No”, Grace said. “huh? Not me? Then?” he asked. “you won’t understand”, Grace said. “oh! Can I get the answer for my confession now?” he asked. Grace suddenly stopped and looked at him. She walked to him and said, “Bill, I wish I have a normal love life like others. But it won’t happen. You said I am not into vampires anymore. That is not true. As long as I have that I can’t give you a positive answer. I am sorry Bill. My craze of vampire is not over yet and won’t be over till my death”, Grace said confidently. Suddenly they hear the sound of a bike racing. Grace quickly ran after the sound. But it was not Roy. She stared the biker passing by disappointed.

“are you sad because you didn’t get a lift from that guy?” Grace turned back. It was Roy. “or were you looking for someone else in the bike? Um…. May be a vampire?” Grace’s eyes filled with tears.

She jumped over to Roy and hugged him tight. Roy hugged her back too. “I missed you Roy. I missed you so much”, Grace said. “I missed you too”, Roy said. “I am sorry Roy. I shouldn’t have said that. From that day until now I was regretting about that. Then I didn’t realised I loved you so much. I had hurt you so much. I am sorry”, Grace started to crying. “it’s okay Grace. I was also sorry. I shouldn’t have left you alone”. They looked at each other for sometime. Roy wiped off the tears from her cheeks. “hmm…. Now tell me Grace. Are you into vampires anymore?” Roy asked smiling. “not into vampireS. I am only into a vampire now”, she hugged him.

“so this was the reason you rejected me right?” Bill asked. Roy and Grace looked at him. “I thought I will get Grace finally. But she rejected me saying that she only love vampires. I know it is not going to happen because everyone know there are no such things. But how could you win over her? I think I have to look for another girl”, Bill said and left. Grace laughed quietly and looked at Roy. “shall we go?” Roy asked. Grace nodded happily. And they walked through the subway holding hands.

The end….

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