Hey guys, it feels like i have not talk to you all for a long time. Hope you all loved the little story i wrote. To day i am here with a topic that everyone need to know. I am not being mean, but if you have the habit of judging others that’s not good.

I have seen that in my surroundings too. Especially, when a girl is dressed like the wau she wanted, everyone starts to gossiping. If her sleeves are a little above from her elbows, it is considered uncultural. When a boy and girl are talking, it is said to be uncultural. When a girl is walking alone in a street at night, it is uncultural. When a girl talks loud, it is not good. If a boy hang out with his friends too much, he is bad boy. And i don’t see any problem with all of these. Everyone live as they please. Then why others are judging them.

Stop judging others. Appreciate them that they are living in the way they wanted.

Love you guys so much❤

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