“the famous runner, Evan d’meli, is going to race within 6 months. And he is sponsered by the Plaza Builders. He is going to get trained by themself. It is a proud moment that Plaza builders is in our town that…..”. “wait, what happened?” April asked. “it’s a power off dear”. “no! C’mon. Why is at the right time?” April jumped in anger. “why are you getting angry? You have heard that same thing over hundred times now” her mother asked. “anyways!” April slowly danced and went to her bedroom. She looked arpund her bedroom. It was filled with the pictures of Evan d’meli. “finally it is the time for me to meet you Evan. My wish is going to come true finally. The famous adventure spot guide is going to be your trainer for these 6 months. You are gonna love this. And i am gonna enjoy it. Yeahoooooo!!” April jumped to her bed.

The very next morning she went to he office. “good morning April”. “morning April”. Everyone wished her as she walked to the manager’s room. “Mr. Manager… ” she called out. “stop that April”, the manager said. She smiled and said “finally my time is here. And I am gonna take 6 months leave to work as the trainer for Evan”, she said proudly. “what? Wait! Did they appoint you?” “no!”. “then how are you going to be the trainer?” manager asked. “is there anyone who didn’t want a famous guide to a trainer? I know how can I get there. Don’t you worry! So make my leave application ready. I am leaving tomorrow. May be tonight”. “you should leave tomorrow”. “does that feel too late?” April asked. “No!”. “okay then, bye!”. April went out.

She reached home. “so all beautiful people. I am leaving tomorrow”, she swang her head side to side. All her family members looked at her like seeing a dumb. She packed everything. And went to sleep. At early morning, she got ready and took her car. She drove as fast as she can and reached Plaza Building. She stood before the building. “my dear, Evan. Here I come”. She smiled.

To be continued…..

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