She stood before the building. “my dear,  Evan. Here I come”. She smiled. She entered the big building dancing. She was famous around the place so everyone started to recognize her. “hey, is that April Halter?” “OMG it’s she!” “what is she here for?” “can we just go and meet her?” “she looks so happy. She is in really good mood”.”can I ask for a selfie?” “oh! She is going to the counter”.

“excuse me”, April called the staff in the counter. The staff was writing something and he slowly raised his head. “yes” and he looked a straight look at April. “oh my God! Ma’am. It’s really April Halter. What can I do for you?” he asked after suddenly standing up. April smiled and said “can you show me the way to your manager’s room? I wanna meet him”. “yeah sure.. I will arrange a staff to take you there”, he said. “no, it’s okay. Tell me the way. I can go by myself. I want to know here anyways”, April said. The staff looked at her in confuse and came to conscious quickly and said “sorry ma’am, but if I let you go by yourself I may get punished. Let me take you”, he came out off the counter. “this way please”, he walked in front and April followed him. “wow your place so big and fascinating. I really love it. Can’t wait to work here!” April said as they were walking. “are published gonna work here?” the staff asked in enthusiasm. “You will find it out soon”. They walked and reached a room with labelled on it’s door manager in bold letters. “this is our manager’s room. Please go in”. “thank you”. The staff left.

April took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. “please make it fast okay. We have to find a good trainer for Evan as soon as possible. We don’t have much time. Don’t be irresponsible”, the manager was on his phone shouting at someone. “whatever you’re gonna do, do it fast”. He hang up. April knocked on the door. “come in”, the manager said in he same aggressiveness.

April came inside like a celebrity. At the sight of her the manager stood up. “APRIL HALTER!! You? Really? In my office? I can’t believe this!” he stood there like that for a moment. “um…… Are you alright?” April asked. He was staring at her. “yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I am fine. Well! Ma’am. Please take a seat”, he showed the chair in front of the table. April sat down. “nice to meet you ma’am. I am Hans, the manager. And also I am a big fan of yours. I can’t believe that I am talking to you right now. Anyways! How can I help you? Anything, I will do it for you”, he said. April looked at him weirdly and said “okay. I was here to ask you if you got any trainer for Evan d’meli”. “oh! No ma’am. We are in the middle. We are trying our best to get a good and efficient trainer. But we were not able to”, he said. “well, I can give you an offer”, April said crookedly. “what is it? I am sure I am gonna love it”, Hans said. “yes you will. I know a good and efficient and famous trainer. She is a girl and also an adventure spot guide” April said. “and? Who is she?” he asked. “you are talking to her”, April said. “me? When?” “like now”.”now? Like now now? You aren’t talking about you, are you?” he asked. “yes I am talking about me. I want to be the trainer of Evan d’meli”, she said. “no! Why?” he asked. “because I am his biggest…… Because I was to work in this company. And the only way I can get here is this little post. Don’t you think I am eligible?” she asked. “yes you are the most eligible one to work here. But why do you want to be his trainer? There are so many other good posts that you can work at and I am sure you will do great on them”, he said. “please, Mr. Hans. I wanna be his trainer. At any cost. Please recruit me. I won’t disappoint you”, she said. “tell me why you want to be his trainer when there are many other things you can do here”, he asked. “I am his biggest fan. He is the only reason why I became an adventure spot guide and he is the reason who made me whom I am now. So I can’t miss a chance to be with him”, she said in one breathe. Hams looked at her shock. “oh! Well! But if I appoint you, your fans is going to make a strike against our company”, he said. “no they won’t”.”alright then. I can’t say no to you. You are appointed”, he said. “yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Thank you Mr. Hans”.”welcome to Plaza Builders”. “thankyou”. They shook hands. “okay, where is my trainee?” April asked immediately. “you already started?” he asked. She nodded. “okay he hasn’t gone out. Will be back in a few hours. Your accommodation will be with Evan. Are you fine with that?” he asked. “that’s my pleasure. All of my luggages are in my car. Could you please..?” she asked. “don’t worry, I will do what required. When you get to the place everything will be on place”. “alright. I am gonna explore the building”. April walked towards the door. “let me accompany you”, Hans said. “no, it’s okay. You can do your work”. She walked out off the room. Hans looked at her. “I can’t believe this. Oh my god”. He was so happy to see her.

To be continued….

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