“I can’t believe this. Oh my god”. He was so happy to see her. April walked through the corridor. Suddenly she saw a crowd gathering. Upon curiosity she ran into the crowd and looked. It was Evan. “oh my god! EVAN!” she covered her mouth in surprise. “should I just talk to him like that? Um……”, she looked at the bug crowd. “may be not now? I will surely meet him later”, she said and turned. “hey, aren’t you April Halter?” a girl asked. “yes”, April said. “great. Can I take a selfie with you?” the girl asked. April looked around and said “okay. But fast”. She posed for the picture and walked away.

Evan, with his private assistant, walked towards the manager’s room. April was passing by the room. “air, didn’t she look a little familiar?” his PA asked. “a little! Come let’s go”, Evan entered the room as he looked at April. “hey, Mr. Hans”, Evan said, “any progress in finding my trainer? Isn’t it harder than you thought? It’s okay. I can a prepare one by myself”, Evan said. “it was a little hard work. But don’t worry. You don’t need to look for one. You have got the best trainer. Not anybody can have a nest trainer like the one you’ve got. And you will meet your trainer at your apartment”, Hans said. “fine then. I want to go outside. I will be back after sometimes. Bye Mr. Hans”, Evan said.

April reached at the counter. “hey, which way is Mr. Evan’s apartment?” “your driver is ready at the entrance ma’am. He will take you there”, the staff said. “that’s cool. I’ll. See you around. Bye” she left. She reached the entrance. “uncle, are you going to take me to the apartment?” April asked. “yes, my child. Come the car is here” he said. “we can take my car” she said. “okay”. They walked towards her car. She passed the keys to the driver and got in. 15 minutes drive. They reached the apartment. “this is the place. Come out”, the driver opened the door. ” thankyou”, April stepped out and took a deep look at the house. “beautiful!”.

“welcome ma’am. Mr. Hans have called us”, a man in his 40’s came out. “nice to meet you ma’am. I am Herbert. I am the manager of this house”, he held out his hands. April shook it. “Hai, Mr. Herbert. I am… ” “I know who you are. You are the famous April Halter. I know everything about you. Mr. Evan is so blessed to have a trainer like you. Come inside”, they went inside the house. “put all her luggage in the room next to Mr. Evan’s bedroom”, Herbert said to the driver. “this is a really beautiful house. I like it”, April said. “of course you will. It is specially designed” Herbert said. “do you have a spare room so we can take it a gym room for Mr. Evan?” April asked. “oh! You are so strict about fitness?” he asked. “I can’t take any chances when it is about the case of Mr. Evan”, April said. “why?” he asked. “I am his trainer of course”, April said. “oh! That’s right”. “show me the spare room”. They walked into a wide room. “wow! This is what I am talking about. We have to fill this room with some gym equipments”, April said. “just tell what you want. It will be here in a bit”. “okay”. The passed by. The spare room was filled with a bunch of gym equipments. “oh my goodness! It really feels like I am in a gym right now”, Herbert said. April smiled at him. She stared at the wall and said “there is something missing over here. I know”, she turned to one of the worker and said “there is a big poster in the backseat of my car. Can you bring it here?” The worker walked out and came with a rolled poster. “stick that on the wall” she said. It was a big poster with Evan’s picture on it. On the side there was a quote “MIRACLE CAN HAPPEN IN ANY SITUATION IF YOU BELIEVE IN HARDWORKING”. Herbert read that aloud. “isn’t it the words of Mr. Evan himself?” “yes”. “fantastic. You are the best trainer”, Herbert said.

They heard a car pulling over outside. “it’s Mr. Evan”, Herbert ran outside. April became nervous. “calm down. You are fine. You got this”. She waited in the living room. She saw Mr. Hans coming towards her. “hey ma’am” he said. “call me April” she said. “okay. April. He is here. Are you ready to meet him?” he asked. “I am bit nervous” she said. “it’s okay”. Evan with his PA walked towards them. Herbert following. “Mr. Evan, meet your trainer Ms. April Halter. She is the famous adventure spot guide and the best trainer you can have. And also she is your biggest fa…..” April hit Hans with her elbow. Hams looked at her. She shook we head to say no. Evan looked at April. “sir, we saw her at the building”, PA said. “yes” Evan said “that’s why you looked familiar. April took a deep breathe and spoke confidently “Hai, Mr. Evan. I am your personal trainer April Halter. You can rest assure that you will win the upcoming race”, she smiled softly. Evan smiled at her and said.

“okay. Nice to meet you”, he held out his hands towards April. She looked at his hand and slowly shook it. They looked at each other and smiled.

The hero and the heroin have finally met. The golden days have began.

To be continued…..

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